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Name : Robyn O'Keefe

Town : Canberra, ACT

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Clubs : Dogs ACT

Hi, I'm Robyn from Pomfire Pomeranians! Our mission is to breed exceptionally healthy dogs - always as pets first; but also for the show ring to promote the breed (and we have a lot of fun doing that!). Pomeranians are gorgeous; intelligent; and very trainable dogs - every interaction is a memorable one. And we especially love how therapeutic it is to comb their gorgeous coats while watching TV! Please visit the website above for information.

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Prefix : POMFIRE (Pomeranian)

If you’re interested in our Pomfire Pomeranians and would like to get updates from our kennel, please apply for a puppy and join our waitlist on RightPaw please see the web site above.

All Our Pomeranians have been extensively tested for Genetic conditions and all are clear. This means the puppies will be also be clear by parentage. Many thanks to Orivet for their professional services.

Next Litter Planned: April, 2021

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