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Name : Penny B Driver

Town : Gin Gin, QLD

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2016 has been the first year in the show ring and here are some of the results : 4 group wins,3 sweeps wins, many bob's, and a parti puppy titled in less than 5 months. This has been a huge but successful learning curve ( under the mentorship of Pomquest) and we are looking forward to introducing new DREAMFOREVER babies in tbe showring in 2017.

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Prefix : DREAMFOREVER (Pomeranian)

DREAMFOREVER POMERANIANS has been established since 2014, with the objective to breed, show quality, breed standard, healthy, parti pomeranians.
We began actively showing our Parti's in 2016, with some good results. We are looking forward to each future litter, as each litter will be a step closer to achieving our dream.
My Partis have improved each year which reflects in their successes in the show ring.
2018 saw my Partis winning class in group, and more Australian Title's.
2019 is again showing my Pati's winning their class in group against other breeds, with two of my Partis winning their class in group at the same show.
We are breaking all previous records for Partis shown in Australia.
In just over three years, I have titled six pomeranians, four of them are home grown, and three of the six are Parti Pomeranians.

Our Pomeranians are a part of our family, and live in the house with us on a cattle breeding property.

If anyone inquires about a puppy, please send me information about youself, family, house, yard etc, things that will show you are offering the best home suitable for one of my puppies.
No one or two sentance inquiries will be answered.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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