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Name : Diane Baillie

Town : Mt Eliza 3930, VIC

Phone : 61 (0) 3 97872797

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Clubs : Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria, Welsh Corgi Club of NSW, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Welsh Corgi League (UK)

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Prefix : DYGAE (Papillon)

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Prefix : DYGAE (Welsh Corgi (Pembroke))

Pembroke Corgis have been a 'Way of Life' here at DYGAE, since 1962, with the 21st Birthday Gift from my husband Gary of baby puppy "TARLI"- later becoming my first Show Champion - CHAMPION Tendring Golden Eve. All current DYGAES can trace their pedigrees back to this foundation bitch, whose bloodlines combined some of the best of the early Pembroke imports into Victoria and Australia.

"DYGAE Pembrokes have achieved great success over the years, not only in the Show Ring but also in Obedience activities and most importantly as the TRUE AMBASSADORS of the breed, loving, active healthy family pets and companions. We currently breed only when able to 'run on' and assess puppies as Show prospects although we do have special youngsters available as ideal pets and companions from time to time.

We occasionally have retired "Showdogs" available for placement to select forever homes. These very special Pembrokes are of course well socialised, and indeed lovely Corgis who will enrich your lives for many years.

We are always happy to offer information and breed advice about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Australia.Please phone Diane on 03 9787 2797 (eve

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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