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Name : Linda Johnson

Town : Melbourne, VIC

Phone : 0468 375 147

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Clubs : Poodle Club Victoria

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Prefix : GIDAY (Poodle (Standard))

Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But performance indicates what the animal actually is.
Anne Rogers Clarke

From an average of 1 litter per year, since 1990, GIDAY Versatile Standard Poodles, have attained, over 500 titles, in 3 countries, in Conformation, Hunting Retrieving, Obedience, Tracking, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Track & Search, Endurance, Agility & Rally Obedience

We have bred & trained multiple Commonwealth Certified Assistance Dogs .

We X Ray & score, Hips & Elbows, Skin Punch biopsy for S.A., & DNA test for VWD, NE, DM.

We welcome back, any puppy we have bred, at ANY time in it's life, if the new owner can not or does not wish to keep it for ANY reason.

A CONDITION OF SALE IS A Contract, written by an Attorney, requiring male puppies to be de sexed, by vasectomy or castration, & females to be de sexed by hysterectomy, OR, with an ovary sparing spay, no later than 9 months of age

Success include; The first three TRIPLE CHAMPIONS, in breed history. DOGS VICTORIA's TOP OBEDIENCE DOG OF THE YEAR AWARD, (ALL BREEDS), SEVEN TIMES. 13 Conformation, Champions, 8 Obedience Champions, 1 Obedience GRAND Champion, 3 Rally Obedience Champions, 4 Tracking Champions 2 Search & Rescue GRAND Champions, & the only Australian bred Poodles who are Hunting /Retrieving Field titled
Advice & support on request, for the life of your pup.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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