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Name : Gillian Holmes

Town : Singleton, NSW

Phone : 0438421828

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Prefix : BLACQLABEL (Flat Coated Retriever)

Blacqlabel is located in NSW Hunter Valley.

I have Shown Dogs on and off for over 35 years.
I ventured into Flat Coated Retrievers in 2012 - My dogs are Happy Healthy Beautiful Quality dogs who show all the traits of this lovely breed. A breed that loves to have fun teamed with exceptional looks.

Mine are happy to run them selves silly and if you add water even better - they are not full time lounge dogs - so if you decide on one - be prepared to be busy. A smart breed that loves to please - so well suited to training - and a must - if you are considering a flat coat.

All Registered Flat Coated Retrievers have to be health tested before they can be bred - Hip Scored - Elbow Scored - Eye Checks are paramount and a requirement for any breeding intention. Mine all have great scores lower than the breed average.

My dogs are actively shown - I have 2 Australian Grand Champions - and 6 Australian Champions - from my "First Litter" - I have 2 Australian Champions - from only a short time in the ring - From my second litter - I kept a boy who is a Champion and girl that is in New Zealand that is a NZ Champion - their pedigrees are full of Wonderful Dogs from Imported Lines. My third litter has 1 Champion at 8 months and 2 more on their way. They have many Wins to their Credit - Runner Up Best in Show - Classes in Show - Best In Group and Many Classes in Group and Sweepstakes wins - Royal Best of Breed - and many Best of Breed wins.

Most of all my dogs are awesome !!!

Next Litter Planned: March, 2020

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