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Name : Ms D Huon

Town : Lara, VIC

Phone : 0407701198

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Clubs : VCA inc

I have been involved with pure bred dogs since 1976. I have been a member of Dogs Victoria since 1986 when I decided to get my first Saluki and began showing. At our annual Saluki Club show, in 1986 I was captivated by the photos shown of Azawakh. It was then that I decided one day I would like one.When I began using the internet I found a breeder willing to send a puppy. I waited 13 years for that puppy, and boy she was so worth the wait. My foundation Ch Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema (imp UK).

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Prefix : JUMADABEY (Azawakh)

Our kennel was established in 1986 with my other breed passion, Salukis.Home to Australia's first Azawakh and first Australian litter of 6,2 males and 4 females.
Our dogs have been researched and sourced from noted breeders, combining some of the best desert and European bloodlines, taking us 13 years to achieve. Conformation,type,health and temperament are crucial.
Our dogs live,eat and sleep inside with us, and have the run of the house and use of the furniture.
This primitive breed is not just for anyone but needs a special person to appreciate the unique qualities and different mindset that is the Azawakh.
Coming from such a vast, desolate,unforgiving area of north west Africa, this breed is tough,strong and extremely hardy.
They are bred to firstly guard, herd and hunt and rely on no one for survival, but co habit with their Tuareg masters and have done so for thousands of years, unchanged.
We aim to breed when we want to replace a dog, not for the market, so puppies may be a wait.
Our aim is to maintain type, soundness, temperament and quality rather than quantity, keeping the inbreeding factor to under 5% in 10 generations for as long as possible.
Enquiries are most welcome about the breed, including possible plans for any upcoming breeding/litters.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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