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Name : Rana Spencer

Town : Brisbane, QLD

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Clubs : Dogs Queensland, The Saluki Club NSW (Inc).

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Prefix : ETAAL (Saluki)

Salukis are truly the paradox of the dog world: their sweet, sensitive, charmingly beautiful selves can frustrate you with their stubbornness, ability to completely forget their training, and utter disdain for your time when you’re in a rush. Their split-second change between comatose and racetracking around the yard is second to none.

Because I am so passionate about salukis, I spend as much time as I can learning about history, pedigrees, genetics, and health. I have a large number of mentors around the world who I am ever thankful to for their openness and vast knowledge they share with me. As a reflection of how I have been welcomed, I am always eager to speak with anyone who wants to learn because I firmly adhere to the idea of “promote what you love”.

The saluki is quite a healthy breed, but I believe in testing for the things we can, keeping clear records (heart, thyroid, monitoring blood levels, allergies), and being transparent and open. If something occurs that we do not expect, it is the responsibility of the owner/breeder to make the problem public and work to find a solution to benefit the breed.

I have been blessed with the support, trust, and friendship of breeders who breed functional, moderate salukis with beautiful temperaments, huge personalities, are fun to live with, and from health-tested stock. We believe in multi-purpose salukis: family members who are competitive at showing, lure coursing, and are great to do life with.

Litter planned for 2022.

Next Litter Planned: December, 2022

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