Ch Eurabbie Hattara

"Ch. Eurabbie Hattara"
Pet name: "Lilly".

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Pedigree for Ch Eurabbie Hattara
Sire : Ch. Triscole Edgar Allen Poe (IMP NZL) S: Kunniakas Billy Whizz (IMP UK) S: N.Z. Ch. Kunniakas Kovu (IMP UK)
D: N.Z. Ch. Kunniakas The Old Rag Doll (IMP UK)
D: N.Z. Ch. Fudge Noble Wolf Of Burswood (IMP NZL) S: Passbos Cozy Bosse (IMP SWE)
D: Pikkinokka's Faith N Trust (IMP CAN)
Dam : Ch. Siru (IMP FIN) S: Chesthill's Late (FIN) S: Takavaaran Tahvo (FIN)
D: Savotan Taika (FIN)
D: Salla (FIN) S: FIN. Ch. Peku (FIN)
D: Milla (FIN)

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