Renombre Mystique (AI)

“Mystique” radiates quality combined with a divine authoritarian expression.

She is strong, powerful and has solid bone. Her weight is 45 kg, which fits perfectly within the Cane Corso standard of 40-45 kg for females. Her height is 63 cm at the withers, which also fits perfectly within the Cane Corso standard of 60-64 cm for females.

The formidable look of Mystique combined with her protective nature makes her an outstanding protector of her domain and our property, yet she displays a very kind and playful attitude with our family and close friends, she has a beautiful heart.

Mystique is the result of our first foundation mating at Renombre Cane Corso between our girl Medusa and semen that we imported from the outstanding sire Ice. We are very happy that our efforts blessed us with our outstanding girl Mystique.

Hip – B
Elbow – 0

Mystique resides with her breeder and family at Renombre Cane Corso.

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L & J Gould (Member Details)
Phone :
AH 0457 774 424
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Pedigree for Renombre Mystique (AI)
Sire : USA.AKC.Ch Apex Ice, CGC (USA) S: USA.ARBA.Ch Apex Luigi, CGC (USA) S: It.Ch Brenno (ITA)
D: USA.ARBA.Ch Jara Dei Silvanbull,,CGC (ITA)
D: USA.ARBA.Ch Apex Ivy, CGC (USA) S: USA.ARBA.Ch Apex Cash, CGC (USA)
D: USA.ARBA.Ch Kelly Corso z Machova Kraje, CGC (CZE)
Dam : Ch Famoso Kyomi Medusa S: Y.Lux.Ch Orfeo (IMP ITA) S: Raul Dei Martinotti (ITA)
D: Luna Dei Silvanbull (ITA)
D: Hipower Sniper S: Dei Dauni Hulk (IMP ITA)
D: Gaia (IMP ITA)

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