Nordenstamm Panko IPO3 (2x National Protection Champion)

Nordenstamm Panko "Kratos' IPO3, AD, BH, MAT (Kasper Airport Hannover IPO3 x Nordenstamm Kastra)

Kratos is a dog that needs very little introduction in the IPO world. Kratos at two Australian National Championships scored 98/100 and 99/100 in his protection runout holding the National record for Highest IPO3 protection in Australia.

Kratos is the grandson of the Legendary Zico Van De Berlex-Hoeve IPO3 FH2 and 3rd place getter at the 2003 FCI World Championships and Australian Grand National Champion Nordenstamm Hannah.
Kratos's father is the super fast Kasper Airport HANNOVER from Germany and has produced one of the most consistent achieving offspring in Australia with IPO Champions, Police Dogs, Special Forces Dogs, ANKC Champions, Security dogs, Mondioring dogs, dancing dogs and stable family dogs Australia has seen.

Kratos was the pick male of the Nordenstamm P litter and from an early age he showed his quality quickly being identified as a future champion. Kratos was originally purchased by Lyle to become a Police dog it. Lyle was quickly convinced that Kratos (Nordenstamm Panko) was too good of a dog to go be lost to the world of Police dogs.

Kratos possesses high trainability and clear-headedness with loads of food and prey drive. Kratos is socially very stable yet has great civil aggression when required.

Kratos previously passes on his high trainability, food drive and clear-headedness with drive to spare. Kratos has produced Police Tactical service dogs, Security dogs, IPO Champions, Mondioring, and family protection dogs.

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Pedigree for Nordenstamm Panko IPO3 (2x National Protection Champion)
Sire : Kasper Airport Hannover IPO3 S: Daneskjold Hasse IPO3 S: Arek von der Wautz IPO3
D: Snake NHSB 1815586 IPO3
D: Engie Airport Hannover IPO3 FH1 S: Onix von Löwenfels IPO3 Sch3
D: Virginia von Löwenfels
Dam : Nordenstamm Kastra BH S: Zico van de Berlex-Hoeve Sch3, FH2 S: Turcodos van de Duvetorre IPO3
D: Sanka van de Berlex-Hoeve Sch3
D: Nordenstamm Hannah IPO3, FH2 S: Yagus van de Duvetorre Sch3
D: Zita van de Berlex-Hoeve Sch3 FH1

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