Aust CH. Scintilli Sachka

Popularly of the norm we not only breed show quality dogs but also working types that end up as part of the family. We also have ventured into the world of Maremma Abruzzese, while still using the Maremma' s on our farm in daily working life to guard goats and cattle. Which has given way to showing the Maremma Abruzzese breed, will hopefully have a new line coming in from Italy in the near future to complete the great line we have been blessed with.

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Pedigree for Aust CH. Scintilli Sachka
Sire : SUP.CH. GIANO DI ARAJANI (IMP ITA) ROI14/58846 [White] Maremma Sheepdog S: DRAGO DELL'ANTICO TRATTURO (ITA) ROI11/6656 [White] Maremma Sheepdog S: MARSO (ITA) RSR08/5891 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: IRPINA (ITA) ROI05/31833 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: ATHINA (ITA) ROI11/145320 [White] Maremma Sheepdog S: PASCONE DELL'ANTICO TRATTURO (ITA) ROI09/107146 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: NESPOLA (ITA) ROI10/170939 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
Dam : CH. SCINTILLI LACE 2100381528 [White]Maremma Sheepdog S: CHINOONA THE PHANTOM (IID) 2100346356 [White] Maremma Sheepdog S: ATERO DELL'ANTICO TRATTURO (ITA) 10/193407 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: BRUNILDE (IMP ITA) 11/21061 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: CH. MONON SWEET CANDY 2100305111 [White] Maremma Sheepdog S: CH. ARROWSTUD BASILIO 2100176575 [White] Maremma Sheepdog
D: SCHAFERDEN CANDID 3100155856 [White] Maremma Sheepdog

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