AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tealpoint Game Set N Match (AI)

Roger approaches life with a certain zest. He's a smart and cheerful boy who began his show career after a late start due to Covid-19. He gained his Australian Champion title easily, with multiple class in group wins, and is now spending more time exploring dog sports.

He spends his leisure time surfing the waves, swimming the dams and running the fields. An active, clever young dog, Roger is sampling the activities of tracking, scent work, agility and rally, and whatever comes our way while he matures.

With a sweet nature, high drive and a passion for all things "birdie" he is great fun to have around.

LD - Clear by parentage
Achromatopsia - Clear by parentage
Cone Degeneration - Clear by Parentage
Hips - 2:2
Elbows - 0:0

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Pedigree for AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tealpoint Game Set N Match (AI)
Sire : Avaline Tissot (Imp Serbia) S: Avaline Poker INT, RU, FI, SK, SRB CH EJW-08 WW-12-1 EUW-15 3xWW S: Int Ch Srb Ch CZ,PL,WJW, DI, FTI CH Obelix Z Czarnego Dworu
D: Srb Ch Avaline Griffy
D: Avaline Godiva JCh Srb S: Serb Ch Avaline Marcus
D: Int Ch, Serb Ch Avaline Hidra
Dam : Grand Champion Tealpoint Dances With Diamonds S: Ch Tealpoint Mask of Zorro S: Supreme Ch Tealpoint Redcloud Chief
D: Ch Tealpoint Trade Wind Dancer
D: Ch Tealpoint Redskin Dancer S: AmChCh Minado's American Idol (Imp USA)
D: Grand Ch Tealpoint the Ice Dancer

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