CH Zamadeus Garde d'Honneur du Monde (Imp Belg)

Zamadeus is pictured above having just celebrated his 6th birthday! He is not an 'old man' but always a gentleman.

He arrived in Australia from Belgium in 2002. He is very strong fronted and has a beautiful head and movement. He has been graded 'excellent' many times and was awarded the title Belgian Youth Champion in 2001. He has a very strong pedigree that has come to the fore in many breeding programs across Europe.
Zamadeus has now retired from the show ring allowing us to campaign his many outstanding offspring. He has a hip score of 0/0, elbow graded 1/1 and heart tested Normal and his type and soundness have had a positive influence on the breed in Australia. We have noted traits in both his children and grandchildren of excellent 'chin mark', topline and rear angulation; very often lacking in the breed and he has multiple HD-free children and grandchildren making him a proven 'hip-reducer'. Certainly for our kennel he has proven a well thought out and wise outcross.

Zamadeus passed away on the 12th of September 2008 of unknown causes.

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Pedigree for CH Zamadeus Garde d'Honneur du Monde (Imp Belg)
Sire : Neth CH Buddy-Kobus v.d. Weelsedijkhoeve S: Kobus (Neth) S: Neth CH Hercules v. Douvergenhout (Neth)
D: Cujo (Neth)
D: Gratia (Fr) S: Brigand de la Roncerie de Saint-Jean (Fr)
D: Athena du Bois de Trousse Chemise (Fr)
Dam : Melody v. Douvergenhout (Neth) S: Renville v. Douvergenhout (Neth) S: Int. Lux. CH Pavel de L'Aube Rouge (Belg)
D: Racha v. Douvergenhout (Neth)
D: Ritschy v. Douvergenhout (Neth) S: Murdock van Alcarinque (Belg)
D: Reveille v. Douvergenhout (Neth)