Aust GRAND Champion Lesadret Zibette E.T.

A true champion in every sense of the word, following in her sires footsteps! Tessie was Australia's first Malinois to gain Grand Champion status, and a winner of 6 Best of Breeds at "Royal" shows, Specialty BOB awards and excellent gradings.
She is also Endurance Titled and trained in obedience and agility. Possessed great natural herding abilty. Just a shame there was no ANKC herding trials around back then. She enjoyed rounding up the neighbours cattle and moving them from one paddock to the other!
She possessed the excellent temperment and drive making her a "true" Malinois.
Trained and run a "masters" level in agility and jumpers before her untimely death!
A tremendous loss to us and all that knew her. There was still much more we had planned to do together. She was my shining light, my best friend and for most the reason I kept going. She always knew how I felt and when I needed one of those all important kisses and cuddles. It was like we could read each others minds. She was my true one in a million!
There is a part of her in all our current Malinois ensuring she will never be forgotten!

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Pedigree for Aust GRAND Champion Lesadret Zibette E.T.
Sire : Ch Roadsend Amber Lights S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Ch Weedram M Copper Coin E.T S: S:
D: S: