Boxberry The Ringer HT0 AC DMN

Geoffy is the second homebred bobtail exhibited by our kennel.

Geoffy is a blend of all of the males we have imported over the years. along with some of our favourite imports we have used in our breeding program - Aust Ch Faerdorn Finnian (Imp UK) "Finn" & Novecento Del Nettuno (Imp Ity) SOM "Cento".

Geoffy has sired 2 litters thus far producing 17 puppies of which 10 have been Bobtails, equalling 59% Bobtails - which is just over the expected percentage of 50% Bobtails expected in matings of Bobtail x 'Pure' lines.

He has been health tested, his health test results can be seen on his own page on our website (down the bottom of the page)

His photo will be updated as he grows, the above photos are at 14 months & 8 months (stacked) 15 months (head).


Mr Brian Web (UK)
3rd Place Minor Puppy Dog - Boxer Club of NSW April 2010
“Just starting his minor puppy career, and quite a handful for his handler, but I saw sufficient quality and boxer breed type when he settled to suggest he is certainly a real prospect for the future, typical head, balanced and well proportioned with dark well set fully pigmented eye, and complementary ear set, presenting the required expression, strongly constructed on sound bone, balanced head profile, with evident length of sternum to ensure he is well ribbed to a strong loin, requires a little more time to make a better impact.”

Mrs Annemarie Maelands (Sweden)
“2nd Place Minor Puppy Dog - Boxer Club of NSW April 2010
Square yellow dog. Good skull. A little big and rounds but dark eyes. Good nose. Well bodied. Good fore chest. Could be a little more angulated behind.”

Geoffy wins a quality Puppy Dog Class at the 12th National Boxer Specialty and the following day at the Boxer Association of Vi

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Pedigree for Boxberry The Ringer HT0 AC DMN
Sire : Boxberry Red Rascal HT0 CC S: BISS Aust Ch Faerdorn Finnian (Imp UK) HT1 S: Eng Ch Faerdorn Fineas Fogg HT1
D: Mindenwood Fresh Start At Suecol
D: Boxberry Hot Potatoe HT0 S: Aust Ch Kirkgate Masterofthouse HT0
D: Aust Ch Boxberry Hot Apple Pie HT0
Dam : Boxberry HiFive AC S: Elmo Van Sapho's Hoeve (Imp Blg) HT0 CC S: Dahlina's Lexus
D: Camilla van Sapho's Hoeve
D: Boxberry Tomb Raider S: Novecento Del Nettuno (Imp Ity) SOM
D: Boxberry Spice Girl