Aust Ch Alchemy Chuck Noris (AI)

Ch Alchemy Chuck Noris (AI) "Chucky" Multi V Rated JLPP Clear
"Chucky" was the only one in an AI mating from mother: Ch Alchemy Sweet Leaf "Sweetie" and Sire: Noris Vom Hause Edelstein (HRV).
V6, Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW, 8 April 2012, judged by Steve Wolfson (USA), critiqued as:
"21 months old very large, complete dentition, scissor bite. Powerful masculine head typre. Sociable, excellent focus. High set ears, carried well. Dark eye. Good zygomatic arch, powerful muzzle, good gum pigmentation. Powerful masculine neck, placed well on shoulder. Sufficient shoulder angulation. Strong bones, good chest depth & width. Good top & bottom lines, very good rear angulation, stands correct in rear."

V5, 21st Rottweiler National, Victoria, October 2011 judged by Olga Grin (Russia), critiqued as:
"16 months, correct male size. Well boned, large dog. Sufficient muzzle. Correct build, well proportioned. Strong and masculine. Powerful head, strong in details. Well shaped, correct stop. Sufficient cheekbones and cheeks. Muzzle strong and very good fill. Eyes medium brown and deeply set. Ears correct, small. Correct neck. Strong developed withers. Excellent chest with very well developed front. Correct elbows. Well angulated rear, correct hocks, strong ligaments. Very good thigh muscles. Dark mahogany markings. Free movement. Very good presentation. Highly friendly with good temperament."

"Chucky" won Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show at the Rottweiler Club of South Australia Champ Show, 17-19 June 2011; and Puppy in Group, Gawler Kennel Club, 10 April 2011.

After gaining his Australian Championship title, and retirement from the show ring, "Chucky" is now living the dream and enjoying retirement with John, his companion, guardian and friend.

"Chucky" has eye, mouth and hip/elbow certificates.
Hips 1:1=2
Elbows 1/1
JLPP Clear.

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Pedigree for Aust Ch Alchemy Chuck Noris (AI)
Sire : Noris vom Hause Edelstein (Hrv) S: Fanto vom Kummelsee (Deu) S: Ger Ch VDH Ch Balou vom Silberblick SCHHIII FHI AD BH (Deu)
D: Odessa vom Schwaiger Wappen (Deu)
D: Boa vom Bonzi Star (Hrv) S: Int Ch WLD Ch Yug Ch Bronko od Dragicevica IPOIII (Hrv)
D: Asja (Hrv)
Dam : Ch Alchemy Sweet Leaf S: Ch Hanbar Wizard (Imp UK) S: Ger Ch Janosch von Der Scherau SCHHIII
D: Eng Ch Hanbar Nula (UK)
D: Ch Alchemy Hells Spells S: Grand Ch Riesighund Hell Raiser
D: Ch Alchemy Jota