Toukon Inazuma

'Inazuma' - 'bolt of lightning'. Rocco is our very first Shiba Inu, and a truly wonderful introduction to this magnificent breed. An impressively strong and stunningly beautiful Shiba type, Rocco is the friendliest, happiest, most affectionate and purely lovable dog imaginable.

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Pedigree for Toukon Inazuma
Sire : Ch. Kaijinryuu Go Tomi No Shurei (Imp JPN) S: Jap Ch. Seki No Ryuuou Go Shikoku Sekizensou (JPN) Nippo S:
D: Kinoko Go Tomi No Shurei (JPN) Nippo S:
Dam : Toukon Shini Chi Takaaka S: Gr. Ch. Tamamitsu Go Gold Typhoon (Imp JPN) S:
D: Ch. Snowstars Akio Akira S: