Aust Grand Champion, QLCA F CH Chamshep Dare Devil CD ET HT

Sadly I said good bye to my best friend just short of his 16th birthday. Life will never be the same without my old man. R.I.P my beautiful boy.

A Malinois of outstanding temperment and personality. Dino is my constant companion. I have been lucky enough in my life so far to have 2 of those "One in a Million" dogs and Dino is one of them - the other being his sister "Tessie". That says something for the breeding!!!!
He is obedience and agility trained and is now running in Lure Coursing getting good scores - Obtaining his F CH in style and now running in veteran class!
Having dabbled in a bit of herding, being my protection dog and done some tracking Dino proves what an all round performer a good Belgian Malinois can be. He is following in the pawprints of his sire and full sister who "could do it all!"
Sire - Aust Ch Roadsend Amber Lights - winner of 6 Royal Best of Breeds, graded excellent by specialty judges and accumulated over 600 CC points at time of his death.
Sister - AUST GRAND CHAMPION Lesadret Zibette ET - Australia's first GR CH Malinois, winner of 6 Royal Best of Breeds, specialty BOB,s & class in show awards and Excellent gradings. Obedience and agility trained, ready to trial plus had on farm herding experience with cattle.
Dino has a Royal tally of 4 Best of Breeds and is now an AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION like his sister.
Dino gets his Herding Instinct Certificate at his first weekend out at herding trials and now has his HT.
Dino's activites will slow down a bit now to allow the younger ones to have a go! But he certainly isn't finished yet.. He is so full of life he wouldn't cope not being allowed to still have the occassional outing to show everyone how it's done!
This "young" man exceeded all expectations I had for him when he came back home at 2 yrs of age. He has been my rock and tower of strength for many years now. The thought of not being able to share our time together is unthinkable. The showman needs his stage.

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Dam : Ch Weedram M Copper Coin E.T. S: S:
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