Cesur Ruslik Des Shumagins of Asalet (imp fra)

Cesur is a very big boy with an amazing temperament, both of which he passes on to his progeny.
We have imported his semen from Asalet Kennels in the UK who own this magnificent boy.
Cesur has been hip scored bva 4/5

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Heidi Morrissey (Member Details)
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09 4080185
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Pedigree for Cesur Ruslik Des Shumagins of Asalet (imp fra)
Sire : taurus ourdie des shumagins S: ogodei ghefiz des shumagins S: izmir de la nichee des nipistesa
D: ghefati des douves d'amponville
D: xaintois des potteries S: hisar masal
D: isba
Dam : varlik kisham des shumagins S: rigel ourto des shumagins S: leto atreides ghefiz des shumagins
D: xaintois des potteries
D: urkish yacat des shumagins S: buyuk iskender kangal laika bruchhauserwall
D: n'hecate d'ayriana-vaedja