Aust Ch Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless (imp Jpn)

July 2015 update - Oh-chan has gained his Aust Championship title 10 weeks after entering the show ring and at 10 months of age - we are so incredibly proud of this young man and are very excited about his show ring future!

Its April 2015 and Oh-chan has finally hit the ring with a bang - Best of Breed at his first two shows and a Runner up to Best in Group and more importantly, so much incredibly positive feedback about our little man - we are quite humbled!

We are very grateful to his breeders - Chie Ejima and Chua Ming Kok - for allowing Oh-chan to come to Australia and provide a whole new bloodline for Kortmar Shiba Inu.

Buddy (Risingsuns Revaux) and Oh-chan are a great pair of boys to show!

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Pedigree for Aust Ch Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless (imp Jpn)
Sire : Taketoramaru Go Hokusei Tsuchimotosou (Japan) (Nippo H24-18819) S: Heisei Tamazakura Go Hokusei Tsuchimotosou (Nippo H18-3274) S: Suzutora Go Bizen Kotobukisou (Nippo 5-17880)
D: Ichikahime Go Ooshita (Nippo 15-2165)
D: Toyootome Go Fudougataki Kensha (Nippo H21-22028) S: Hounen Go Fudougataki Kensha (Nippo 14-19545)
D: Suzukomachi Go Hokusei Tsuchimotosou (Nippo 14-11685)
Dam : Ch (Phi, Sri, Tpe) Brightvalley Hime Go Queen Bless (Japan) (JS-03890/11) S: Ch Shinryuu Go Kagiuasou (Nippo H21-3119) S: Matsuryuu Go Maihamasou (Nippo H17-33978)
D: Daishinhime Go Kagiyasou (Nippo H18-5310)
D: Suzuhana No Tsubakihime Go Kagiyasou (Nippo H22-468) S: Tetsuzakuramaru Go Kagiyasou (Nippo H17-29860)
D: Suzhuana Go Yokohama Sakakisou (Nippo 12-14805)