T Ch     Hevnsent Moon Spirit RN

Panda is our first Lagotto. We did a lot a research and found out that a Lagotto would be a great match for our young family. Panda has been a true delight. We wanted a great family dog that was very trainable and keen to work and she is.

The most amazing thing about Panda is her temperament. She is always friendly to people and dogs alike, has a really happy disposition, is relatively independent and does not resource guard. She is very smart and can be mischievous but she is extremely trainable and loves to work.

Had no real plans to compete with her but straight away noticed how keen she is to use her nose. As a result I started tracking training at the age of 4 months and at 6 months and 2 days she passed her first tracking test. I believe she probably would have been the youngest dog ever to pass Test 1 at that age.

She is an extremely keen worker who never gives up. She always finds the track layer and she has passed every single tracking test and as she worked towards her Tracking Dog Excellent title, making her known as Hevnsent Moonspirit TDX. Straight after raising her second litter she finished off her tracking with the title of Tracking Champion (pending ANKC approval)

In obedience she is not any less keen, her focus is incredible and she loves every second of it. Sometimes when out for a walk she will just start heeling next to me rather than run around and check out the surrounds. She has had no formal agility training but we have played around a bit and she is loving it and picking up what what she is meant to do super quickly. She has recently gained her Novice Rally title with the following scores 90/100, 98/100 and 99/100.

Panda is a healthy dog who has been tested for all currently known inheritable Lagotto diseases. The DNA results are as follows:

Juvenile Epilepsy - Carrier (which means that she can never get the disease}

Lagotto Storage Disease (severe disease) - Free

HUU (bladder stones) - Free

Furnishing (coat) - Normal

In addition to the above she has a clear eye certificate and has been elbow and hip x-rayed.

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U Werner (Member Details)
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0423 823 799
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Pedigree for T Ch     Hevnsent Moon Spirit RN
Sire : Such a Lucky of Kakaponest (Imp NZL) S: Mint (ITA) S: Bruk (ITA)
D: Miriam (ITA)
D: Sara Del Ginestreto (ITA) S: Ice (ITA)
D: Scully Del Ginestreto (ITA)
Dam : Hevnsent Sophia S: Ch. Budoar Nuutti (IMP FIN) S: Buodar Milo (FIN)
D: FIN Ch. Punatassun Fiorina (FIN)
D: Nugold Giovanna S: Cry out Ducaatnugold (IMP ITA)
D: Tartufo H Havana