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Michelle Booth
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Campbell Town TAS
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We have available for rehoming, KIRO !

There are no words to describe this gorgeous liver spot young man, it is so tempting to keep him as a pet within our own show kennel but my husband have provided a definative NO, due to the number of other dogs we have !

Kiro has had a hard life, but this does not reflect at all in his temperament. After conducting extensive research I have found that he was born on 10th October 2015 and has had five homes in that time, and he really needs his forever home.

I have spoken to most of his previous homes, and it would seem that he has been highly misunderstood. He was purchased from his breeder, where he was abused to the point of emaciation, worm burden and where he had lost most of his hair and then dumped on an ex-partners' doorstep who did not want him. He then went into a home where he apparently dug huge holes, I believe that this was purely from boredom as it has certainly not been the case in the time he has been with myself, and his last home before coming to stay with us was one in which there had been domestic violence orders in place, and in a situation where an ex-husband could not know the whereabouts of his owner, and I believe that the anxiety within the household imprinted onto Kiro, so it was reported that he was highly anxious and uncontrollable.

We have had him since 3rd March, and in this time his anxious behaviour has totally dissipated, he runs as a pack with a number of other Dalmatians and has absolutely no aggression, loves visiting children and our teenage boys, and has the most wonderful Dalmatian grin where he shows all his teeth.

Kiro is desexed, fully immunised, microchipped and also up to date with worm treatment, he has been recently BAER tested and has bi-lateral hearing, and has had a full vet check.

Because of his background, it would be preferred that Kiro go into a home with previous experience with the breed, where he can be assured a forever home.

Date Added : 28-Mar-17

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