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Maggie is an older rescue Saluki looking for a consistent, thoughtful and dedicated forever home.

Maggie was surrendered carrying an old gunshot injury that had shattered her upper arm on the left side. We don’t have prior history for her and she was not microchipped. It was apparent from the age and condition of her injury that Maggie had been on three legs for some time, and in considerable pain, Maggie's recovery is therefore not just a physical one, but a mental one, and she is just beginning her journey. We think Maggie is between 8-10 years old.

While Maggie is slowly coming out of her shell following the amputation of her leg, she is still quite shut down and her instinctive response to stress is to flee. Despite being on three legs, she is capable of scaling and wriggling under fences, unlatching crate doors and gates and of covering kms at speed. Her ability to move and climb is superior to many four legged dogs.

Maggie is therefore not a candidate for an off lead companion and her new people must have high, very secure fencing and gates and be prepared to have her securely contained indoors or in a roofed, concrete floored run when away from home or otherwise unsupervised. Maggie will need to spend the first few months of her life on lead only outdoors until she bonds to her new people. Therefore, her new people must be patient and conservative in their approach and willing to put the work in to win her affection and confidence.

Maggie’s new people will also need to work to keep her as physically sound as possible, and continue with her physiotherapy regime. As a senior tripawd she is not suitable for high impact dog sport or activity. She will be placed as a companion only. Her weight will need to be managed carefully to ensure that her remaining three limbs are not further damaged. Maggie is not a dog for those who have difficulty managing their dogs’ weight.

Maggie is confident and good with other dogs. Due to her physical constraints, and her reserved nature, her future dog housemates will need to have good dog manners. A mature Sighthound male would be an ideal companion for Maggie. Maggie is not suitable for a single dog household, she needs canine company to be happy.

Maggie loves to sit on the couch with her people. She is more comfortable with women, and displays fear and uncertainty around most men. Therefore she will likely do better with a female as her primary carer. When she is comfortable she is a real snuggle bunny and will give someone special enough to be her guard and guide many hours of quiet, affectionate company.

Maggie has been spayed, microchipped and C5 vaccinated.

Maggie’s placement will be subject to a home check involving meeting all household members, human and companion animal. Experience with primitive and/or independent breeds will be highly regarded.

Date Added : 16-Nov-2018

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