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Melbourne VIC
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3 Yrs old
Siberian Husky
Only Dog: No

Buddy will need:

* A reasonable sized yard with very secure 6 foot high dig-proof fencing
* A home with children at least in their teens
* No cats or pocket pets
* Husky or arctic breed experience preferred
* A lot of exercise, obedience training & mental stimulation

If you fit the bill, then read on!

It’s hard being really, really, really ridiculously good looking - just ask Buddy!

This super affectionate, cuddly boy has the looks and charm, but can get quite anxious when he’s left alone and is looking for a home or foster to give him the stable, confidence building, secure environment he needs to thrive.

Buddy loves to play, be it with other dogs, toys or people. He is a Zoomie master and like any good Husky, a master escape artist. His new home will need dig proof, 6 foot fencing and allow him access inside with his people.

He hasn’t previously lived with another dog, but he is very social and could possibly do well sharing a home with a well suited mate. He isn’t a beasty on lead and shows good manners when meeting new people and dogs. He loves food and treats, but will love you even if you come with empty pockets, he’s not shallow.

Buddy is currently in a shelter environment and finding it very stressful not being part of a family. Any children in his new home would need to be older, as he likes the typical husky rough and tumble. If you think this handsome fella could be your next best friend, please contact us ASAP.

Buddy is not available for interstate adoption.

Microchip #956000006284559

To apply to adopt Buddy:
To apply to foster Buddy:
To sponsor Buddy please go to our Donate page.

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304

Adoption Fee: $450
Extra Information:
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens
Gets along with other dogs
Basic training

Date Added : 16-Jan-2020
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Melbourne VIC
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Gender: Male & Female
Age: 7 year old
Breed: Siberian Husky
Pair: Yes
Special Needs: No
Only Dog: Yes

Bonded pair

These 2 kids are just too adorable for words! If you’ve ever wondered if two Huskies may be better than one, these guys are here to set the record straight that yes! More fluff is what you need!

This beautiful pair are looking for a home that will let them be a part of the family and it’s day to day life. Hanging out inside while your home, walks every day and lots of love and affection.

Micah likes to greet you with a big smooch and then offers a paw in the hope you’ll magically produce a treat for him. Star is more of a flirt and likes to prance around showing you how pretty she is. She’ll happily come in for cuddles and then trot off again, where as Micah will stay right by your side.

Both dogs are talkers - Star likes to have a chat, while Micah warbles like a Wookiee. They can get a little stressed if separated from each other, but it’s really more a case of FOMO than anything.

Micah isn’t a fan of thunderstorms or fireworks, so needs to be allowed inside during these events. Secure fencing is also required.

Star is a petite little lady that loooves a good game of zoomies. The two of them play like typical Huskies together (total craziness) so any home with children need to be old enough not to be bowled over.

These guys love their walks and get rather excited and forget their lead manners when starting out, but settle down quickly. They will need a handler that is committed to improving their walking skills. Seeing other dogs is super exciting, as they just love everyone, so they would benefit from a little bit of work on their self control.

This gorgeous pair will make some lucky family very happy and fill their life with laughter, adventure and love.

Micah & Star will need:

to stay together
obedience and lead training
6 foot high secure fencing
a home with a large yard
children to be teens or older
no cats or pocket pets
Husky experience preferred
Microchip numbers:
Micah: 943094320349487
Star: 956000008640490

To apply to adopt Micah & Star, please fill in our adoption application form:

To sponsor Micah & Star, please go to our Donate page:

Star is sponsored by Anna Maddocks
Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304

Adoption Fee: $600 for the pair
Extra Information:
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens

Date Added : 15-Jan-2020
Contact :
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Melbourne NSW
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Eski and Meeko
Siberian Husky
5 years Old
Male and Female

Meeko & Eski will need a home with:

Arctic breed experience
A reasonably large yard with 6 foot high secure & dig-proof fencing
Children at least in their teens
No cats or other small pets
An ongoing commitment to regular walks and training
If your home has what they need, then read on!

This gorgeous pair are on the look for a new home, either separately or together. Currently they are in a shelter environment and would love either a permanent or foster home.

Eski is an energetic, playful boy that relies on the company of another dog to help him keep him happy. He can be a bit of a stress head and a calm female helps guide him in the right direction. Eski loves to play in typical husky fashion, so be prepared for noise and zoomies!

Meeko is the more mature of the two, but she’s definitely no wallflower- she gets super excited when first taken out on the lead and wails like a banshee! She is very affectionate and cuddly, but she’ll lose interest quickly if there is something more interesting going on.

Both Eski and Meeko are in need of someone who can help them learn that walks and engagement are a normal part of life. They haven’t had much attention paid to them, so they get overstimulated easily and need guidance on how to cope with that.

Both dogs will need homes with Husky experience, very secure, 6 foot high, dig-proof fencing and a family committed to daily exercise. Meeko and Eski will do best in a calm home environment with a predictable routine and with no cats, pocket pets or young children.

Microchip numbers: Eski 956000003667785 Meeko 956000008937855

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304
Adoption Fee:
$450 each or $700 for the pair
Extra Information:
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens

Date Added : 18-Nov-2019
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McGraths Hill NSW
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Male (D)
11 Weeks (as at date of listing)

Now a ransom is a sum of money demanded or paid for the release of a captive. Some days, around these here parts, I’m pretty sure they’re set to pay you to keep me. Anyhoo.… When it comes to adventure MacGyver has nothing on me. Investigation and the conquering of any and all obstacles in my way be thy middle name. Those foodstuffs at the back of your cupboards? Just checking their use by date, for I wouldn’t want you poisoning yourself. Promise. In these times of drought I am doing my bit for the environment and helping you save 40L of water per cycle by pre-rinsing the dishwasher. You’re welcome. Before you turn on your washing machine? I may have fallen in accidentally on purpose as I supervised the said loading of machine - I’d check before turning it on if I were you.

A confident little man, my attitude seemingly increases in direct comparison with those numbers on my bathroom scales. So far as I’m concerned my needs and wants should be front and centre at all times - should you believe things are otherwise I will prove you wrong. At this time you may wish to nail things of value down before I on-sell them via Ransom’s Trash & Treasure a.k.a otherwise known as my crate. Hey there’s a bonus to this - at least you’ll know where to look should you misplace your keys!

Smart beyond my weeks on this earth my arctic what’s in it for me mentality has reached noise level critical. You guessed it - although a keen learner we’re currently stuck on the sit-stay-sit-dammit-no-I-said-stay-OI!-Ransom-get-back-here module of the Good Dog Etiquette Guide.

It might pay to note that although I will come to you with the basics and the bonus of being toilet trained, if you piss me off I willingly demonstrate that I have mastered the Running Poop Tantrum module of the course.

Considering myself a jack of all trades and master of none, my future career prospects are limited by your imagination. Perhaps you’re looking to add to your sled team, or a keen runner seeking a motivational coach? My legs will grow. In the building game and simply can’t retain a good excavator? I work for treats. For those with a foot fetish in need of a personal pedicurist - for toes are fair game - I pledge to talk about you in a foreign language and you won’t even have to pay me $30 for the privilege.

Most important of all I need you to understand that I am a family man. Attention is my right, snuggling up to whomever will have me my mission. Okay, even those that won’t for remember it really is all about paying (to) the Ransom.

Includes health check, desex, microchip, 2 or 3 puppy vaccinations, internal and external parasite treatment and lifetime registration if adopted in the State of NSW.



1. Expressions of Interest to adopt close midnight, Sunday 17 November 2019. We will not be accepting applications after this time.

Date Added : 14-Nov-2019

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