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Sydney NSW
Phone :
0416 206 508
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AVAILABLE NOW - 28 July 2020
Junior is a purebred male Siberian Husky, gray and white with bi-eyes.
Born 30 April 2014
More information in the attached flyer
Contact: Wilson 0416 206 508

Date Added : 28-Jul-2020
Contact :
Arctic Rescue Victoria
Location :
Melbourne VIC
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Siberian Husky
Male 4 years

Koda needs:
• a home where someone is home most of the time
• preferably an only-dog home, but may do well with a confident, but laid back female.
• no cats or other pets
• children to be at least in their teens
• a reasonably large yard with natural grass areas and shelter
• secure 6 foot fencing and gates
• ongoing obedience training
• Husky or arctic breed experience preferred
Koda is just the sweetest boy you ever will meet!
Sometimes he is aloof and serious, or happy to chill at your feet all day rather than zoomies and mischief that the breed is known for. However, give him a ball to play with (especially one that squeaks) and you get a whole different dog!
He loves walks and trips to the beach and he walks like a dream, requiring very little lead pressure if he starts to pull. He loves his humans! He trusts and bonds quickly, losing his initial shyness within hours. He will follow you everywhere and likes to be close to you at all times, but he also likes his personal space and doesn’t like to be mollycoddled.
Koda suffers mild separation anxiety but can be left alone during the day if he is allowed somewhere he can watch for your return, ideally with access inside the home. With this in mind, he would suit a family where someone is home more often than not so that he can relax knowing you are home safe. He can be nervous in the dark due to having Polar (Star) cataracts (see medical notes below), so would need to be an inside dog at night.
He likes a routine and boundaries with regular positive reinforcement. Once he is familiar with his routine, his anxiety drops so he needs a calm, consistent handler who can read when he is getting overwhelmed and intervene before it escalates.

Medical Needs:
Koda has been diagnosed as having Posterior Polar Cataracts in both eyes. This is not affecting his vision at the moment and no special treatment is required. The prognosis for Koda is good, however there is the possibility that he may suffer some vision impairment in the future so this condition will need to be monitored. The good news is that polar cataracts rarely cause blindness, progression is usually slow and should there be any vision loss, dogs don't rely nearly as much on their eyesight as their sense of smell and hearing and generally adapt very well.

Adoption details
To apply to adopt, please complete this form:

Adoption Fee: $450
Source #: RE100304
Microchip #: 953010000389709

Date Added : 19-Jun-2020
Contact :
Arctic Rescue Victoria
Location :
Melbourne VIC
Email :
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Gender: Female
Age: 3 year old
Breed: Siberian Husky
Pair: No
Special Needs: Yes
Only Dog: Yes


- please do not apply unless you meet all the following requirements:

Husky or arctic breed experience essential - Nala will be a challenge for even an experienced owner
very secure, 6 foot high and dig proof fencing
a reasonable sized yard with natural grass areas and adequate shelter
no other dogs, no cats or other animals
ongoing training and strict feeding routines
any children to be well into their teen years
a home that can tolerate her loud vocalisation
Any application that does not meet all Nala's needs cannot be considered.

Nala needs a very special hero, and she needs her hero now! She has very limited time to find a suitable home to help her.

This poor girl has been starved and was emaciated. She has passed around to a number of homes that were not right for her. As a result, she is a hot mess.

Nala is extremely anxious and obsessive. She struggles with too much stimulation and wails like a banshee when stressed. Due to her malnutrition and poor treatment, she is constantly hunting for food or a way to escape, and has difficulty settling down. On the other hand, she can be friendly and affectionate, and is very curious and loves exploring.

In order to help Nala, we are looking for someone with a super secure yard with 6 foot high, dig proof fencing, no other pets and a willingness to follow a strict training and feeding program, which we will provide.

Please do not apply if you don’t meet these conditions - Nala only has a short time to find a carer and we don’t want to waste that precious time. If you can help, please contact us ASAP.

To apply to foster Nala: Foster Application Form @
To apply to adopt Nala: Adoption Application Form @
MC# 953010001999577

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
Adoption Fee: $450
Extra Information:
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Suitable with older children/teens

Date Added : 19-Jun-2020

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