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Ben | 1.5yo | m | Siberian Husky


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Ben | 1.5yo | m | Siberian Husky

This young chap has been with us for a number of months now and we have seen him blossom under the care of his foster family.
He’s been working hard on his lead manners and is now a delight to walk. He’s very responsive to commands (with the right motivation) and loves working on his obedience skills. This is a fantastic way to bond with him - he loves everyone, but needs an anchor to make him feel secure and at home. This special person needs to be experienced with the Husky breed and all it’s quirks.

Young sibes, you just can't help but love their cheeky ever opportunistic personalities.

Even when that means they can let themselves into your house, and hunt out that take away tub that you forgot to throw in that take away tub that you forgot to throw in the teash or play a rowdy game of 'furniture olympics' with their trusty partners in crime!
There's just something so endearing about the twinkle in their eye when you come home from work and they are so excited for you to find out what they've been up to today....
And Ben's just that. A bundle of never ending fun with a go-getter attitude and a sweet affectionate side that also loves to cuddle and chill with his pack.
If Ben's with his friends, and has access to his home, all is right in his world.
He also loves outdoor exploring; and trips to the mountains, beach or local park are all adventures to be enjoyed with enthusiasm and a huge goofy smile.
At home Ben will need to settle in with you before being left for long periods as his escape levels are ninja and he'll need to know 'home is home' in order to stay put. A week or two is all it will take and as long as Ben has an active sidekick to keep him suitable company he'll be feeling like part of the furniture in no time at all. (And probably be on your furniture as he needs inside access whilst your not home, we weren't joking about being able to let himself in)
Ben is social with other dogs and will do well with a similarly active and playful pal.
Ben will need a home with good 6ft fencing and no little critters like cats, pocket pets, or big critters like livestock.
We don't know if Ben's had much exposure to children in the past so teens and older would be best in his new home.
He's an active boy and will need daily exercise. His foster home are doing a super job of helping to train him and improve his manners, he's an enthusiastic learner and his new owners are encouraged to enroll him in obedience training to continue that good work and learn to speak 'Ben'
So if you have room in your life for this goofball of fun apply now at
Ben comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea & worm treated
Adoption fee $400
MC # 956000006300836

Date Added : 17-Apr-2018
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Melbourne VIC
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Storm | Siberiam Husky | Large Male | 3yrs 1 mths

When it comes to sweethearts, they don't come much sweeter than this striking boy! Storm really is just a delightful dog to be around. He has exceptional manners, walks nicely on lead with a little direction and is happiest when he's got a human to hang out with. He's always up for a chat, will do anything for food and thrives on attention, so learns new commands and tricks very quickly. He is pure awesomeness!

Because of his superior, mischievous Husky intelligence and mad skills with his paws, Storm has become a pro at digging his way out of the yard. A change in environment and work shifts has left Storm alone a lot more that he would like, so he's looking for a new home that can contain his tunneling ways and give him the attention he needs. He promises in return he will be your best couch snuggle buddy ever.

Daily walks and mental stimulation will go a long way to helping thwart his desire to wander. Currently he is an only dog, but he loves playing with other dogs and misses his dearly departed old housemate, so may suit a multi dog household.

Very much like an only child, he's not keen on sharing his toys with other kids, so any move to a home with brothers or sisters would need to be transitioned carefully. He also currently lives with a couple of cats, but only see's them through the window or doorway and doesn't have any interaction with them. They are a bit too exciting when they start running around!

Storm loves a romp around the yard and to chase balls, and has only had limited exposure to kids, so would only be suited to a family that had older children in their teens or older. He needs a home that is committed to ensuring he is kept active and engaged and can lavish him with attention and love.

Additional information on Storm:

• Toilet trained
• Adult household, or children in their teens and older
• Gets along with dogs of similar size and energy level
• No small animals, cats, pocket pets and livestock
• Dig proof, enclosed backyard and secure fencing required 6ft at a minimum
• Needs an active owner that is committed to 2 daily walks at a minumum
• Commitment to ongoing obedience training
• People need to spend time at home more often than not
• Not suited to apartment living
• Not suited to be offlead in open spaces

Microchip. 956000003773943

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To adopt please complete this form:

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We also offer fostering with the view to adopt.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0478 663 077 if you have any questions.

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Date Added : 25-Mar-2018
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Melbourne VIC
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Sienna | 2y 3mo | f | Siberian Husky

Young Sienna is a beautiful girl who despite her short life so far has already experienced multiple tragedies and neglect.

Since coming into care Sienna has learned a lot, she came to us with no training and no boundaries but her Foster Hero's have done a great job of instilling some manners.
She is toilet trained for the most part (doesn't have access to bedrooms as she pee's on bed's when no one is looking!!)
She can sit and wait for her dinner meals or treats and has learnt to walk nicely on leash.
Sienna has only ever lived in an adult home and whilst she has been appropriate with children she has met we would prefer any children to be aged 12+ , particularly in a multi-dog home where rough play will occur.

Sienna likes to interact with other dogs, at times she's a cheeky little miss, but for the most part she's pretty much a socail butterfly now days. She likes to play in the typical rough husky way so a husky companion would be ideal for her. Initially she tried to boss other dogs around, but in her foster pack she has settled for spot no 2 after a week of pushing did not budge Mr Kobalt from his throne. Foster sister Akira (who couldn't care who was boss!) is now her bestie and they like to cuddle together on the couch after playing non-stop for hours.
If fact, even now Mr Kobalt who is not a snuggler, has been spied having a little quiet time on the couch with Sienna here and there, so she must be a very special sole to have earnt his respect :)
Sienna will need other dogs in the home to be of medium or large size.

She is not so friendly with other creatures like cats, birds, pocket pets, livestock you name it - she wants to get it! So her new home must not have any of these.

As Sienna has always lived with other dogs so we would prefer a companion for her in her new home.

Sienna has not shown to be an escape artist but will dig a 'Husky hole' to keep cool. She will require 6ft secure fencing and daily exercise in her new home.

Breed experienced preferred.

So if you can look past Sienna's stunning good looks, and into her heart of hearts and think you can provide her with the safe and committed environment she needs to build her confidence and life skills apply now at

MC# 956000005901262
Adoption fee $400

Medical notes:
Sienna sometimes 'loses' her back end when running around, she's had just about every test under the sun and has been given the all clear for no major issues (neuro/skeletal/muscular or otherwise). She has some very, very mild displaysia that is not the cause of this issue and is not currently affecting her. Full history and vet statement will be made available for applicants.
This does not affect her quality of life in anyway.

Date Added : 7-Mar-2018

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