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Contact :
Denni Maxwell
Location :
Just outside the ACT NSW
Phone :
0400 414 834
Email :
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We currently have a rescue whippet available:
Titan is a 2 year old male.

Titan is vaccinated, microchipped & desexed
Titan requires:
*patience & love. He has shown that given time he will trust and build a relationship with new people.
*Someone to show him how to be a house dog, he is not house trained.
* minimum secure normal backyard fence height (6 foot). Titan has shown that he takes a bit to feel secure & know a routine - he is used to previously being tied up and will look for an escape given the chance so a secure, well fenced yard is essential.
* a backyard. As he has previously been tied/chained up, lead walking will take some time to master. Titan will need his own space to toilet and exercise. Walking on a lead will need to be done individually, slowly & with lots of treats. This will go much better when he is in his forever home, has developed trust with you and is feeling comfortable.
*no other dogs except another whippet or greyhound. They seem to recognise their own kind fairly well, however are not that keen on other breeds.

Please consider all of the above when submitting your application. Titan needs lots of love, compassion & understanding that will make him the best whippet companion he can be.

You can find more info including pics & application form on our Facebook page:


Or send an email to us and we'll send you a copy of the application form.

Adoption fees apply.

Date Added : 22-Apr-2021

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