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Judge Name : Mrs Ingrid Albion (TAS)

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I have owned weimaraners for the past 40 years and also have had weimaraner longhairs since 1997. We now have over 50 show champions in both breeds as well as dual, grand and tracking champions. I have also been involved in golden retrievers since my birth and my parents have owned both field trial and show champions. I have worked with irish setters, English springers, golden retrievers, german shorthair pointers and weimaraners in the field as well as on the bench.
I am most keen on function for purpose and on dogs that have great movement that can achieve what they were bred for. I have limited experience in judging gundogs but to date have put up dogs that are considered worthy by specialists. I consider myself a specialist in the breeds I judge.
I have also worked with dachshunds, fox hounds and beagles in the field although I consider myself more of a gundog specialist at this point but am keen to prove myself as a judge of hounds as well and have many mentors of hound breeds that have helped me have a good understanding of their characterstics.

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29-Sep-16 The Weimaraner Club (NZ) General Specials
14-Apr-13 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (QLD) Group 3