Junior Handlers Competition 2018

Handler Result Listing

Handler Name : Kaitlyn Willis
Age Class : 13 to under 19 years
Competition State : NSW

Points tally based on top 25 shows (points value) : 98
Number of First Place Wins : 13
Number of Second Place Wins : 7

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 25
3-Feb-2018 Novacastrian Ladies Kennel Club Staffordshire Bull Terrier Second 4 Y
24-Feb-2018 ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show Cocker Spaniel First 7 Y
25-Mar-2018 Finnish Laphund Club of NSW Finnish Lapphund First 2 Y
25-Mar-2018 The Hound Club of NSW Afghan Hound First 3 Y
1-Apr-2018 Whippet club of nsw Whippet First 2 Y
1-Apr-2018 cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Cocker Spaniel Second 1 Y
1-Apr-2018 English Springer Spaniel Club of NSW English Springer Spaniel First 2 Y
14-Apr-2018 Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club Pug Second 5 Y
25-Apr-2018 County of Cumberland Kennel Association Boston Terrier Second 6 Y
28-Apr-2018 Ladies Kennel Association of NSW Cocker Spaniel (American) Third 2 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Valley Non-sporting and Utility Club Whippet Third 2 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Kennel Club Dobermann First 5 Y
6-May-2018 Morisset & District Kennel Club Dobermann First 4 Y
19-May-2018 Lake Mcquarie All Breeds Kennel Club Golden Retriever First 7 Y
20-May-2018 Cessnock Dog Club Finnish Lapphund Second 6 Y
2-Jun-2018 Newcastle Terrier and Toy Club Staffordshire Bull Terrier Second 1  
2-Jun-2018 Hunter Valley Hound Club Dachshund (Long Haired) First 4 Y
2-Jun-2018 Hunter Valley Working Dog Club Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) Third 1  
23-Jun-2018 Nor-West Canine Association Inc Bullmastiff Third 3 Y
1-Jul-2018 Junior Kennel Club of NSW Members Handlers Dobermann Second 7 Y
21-Jul-2018 Collie Club Collie (Rough) First 1  
28-Jul-2018 Warner’s Bay Dog Sports Club Inc Australian Shepherd Third 3 Y
4-Aug-2018 Dubbo and District Kennel Club Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Second 1  
26-Aug-2018 Port Stephens Dog Sports Club Fox Terrier (Smooth) Second 1  
15-Sep-2018 Staffordshire Bullterrier Club of Northern NSW Inc Staffordshire Bull Terrier First 2 Y
13-Oct-2018 Camden Haven Ag Society American Staffordshire Terrier First 3 Y
28-Oct-2018 Tamworth Kennel Club English Springer Spaniel First 2 Y
25-Nov-2018 Dalwood Charity Children’s Home Show German Wirehaired Pointer Second 3 Y
15-Dec-2018 NSW Women’s Dog Club Staffordshire Bull Terrier Third 2 Y
22-Dec-2018 Dogs NSW Public Relations Committee Cocker Spaniel First 11 Y
Pointscore total based on top 25 shows (points value) 98