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ADVANCE® Breeder of the Year 2019

Breeder Results - Individual Dog

Dog Name : AAungara Michael Angelo
Breed : English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)
Owned by : Mr T & Ms K Keves

Points total : 5

Date Show Name Result Points
23-Nov-2019 Bull Terrier Club of SA Inc (All Breeds Show) Best of Breed 1
30-Nov-2019 All Breeds Dog Club of SA Inc (PM SHOW) Best of Breed 1
13-Dec-2019 Canine Fanciers Kennel Club Inc Best of Breed 1
21-Dec-2019 Australian Dog Show Scene Pty Ltd (SHOW 2) Best of Breed 1
22-Dec-2019 Australian Dog Show Scene Pty Ltd (SHOW 1) Best of Breed 1
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