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Grand Champion Cacharel Nemo HT HOF
(Carl & Anne Mitchell & Ian Rasmussen)

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NZ Aubrey 's Garnet Glamor (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's I'm Immanuel (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Master Qudamah (ai) (Mr G Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Miss Quintessential (ai) (Mr Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's French Flavour (G & L Haussmann)
NSW Aubrey's French Kiss ( IMP NZ ) (Grand CH) (D & JM Bartley)
NZ Aubrey's I'm Adelia (Gavin and Leanne Hausssmann)
NZ Aubrey's Memoirs of Kshan (AI) (Mr & Mrs G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's Memoirs of Yvonne (AI) (Mr & Mrs G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's Outstanding Opal (G & L Haussmann)
VIC Aubreys Neon Gold D'Awmas (Aust Gr Ch) (George Gaut)
QLD Beaugency Bessiere (imp UK) HT (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell)
NZ Bellesme Alkaid (Ch) (Linda Shove)
SA Boanch Einstein (AUST CH) (C. Rau & A. Holzwarth)
QLD Cacharel Alea Iacta Est HSAs (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell)
SA Cacharel Homme De Mes Reves (E Bennett)
QLD Cacharel How Do Ewe Like Me Now HSAs (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
QLD Cacharel How Do Ewe Like This HSAs HNAs (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
WA Cacharel Jeronimo (Supreme Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
QLD Cacharel Jewels n Jems (C & A Mitchell)
VIC Cacharel Just For Me (Kim Kucera)
QLD Cacharel Justjuno HIC (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
VIC Cacharel Le Magicien (C & A Mitchell)
QLD Cacharel Messing With The Hair (Aust Ch) (Ms K Noble)
SA Cacharel Mon Cheri Amour (E Bennett)
VIC Cacharel Mysterious Ms Agatha (Aust Ch) (Kim Kucera)
QLD Cacharel Nemo HT HOF (Grand Champion) (Carl & Anne Mitchell & Ian Rasmussen)
QLD Cacharel Olilibhear (P & R Trapp)
QLD Cacharel Steppin Out HSCs HICs HXCs HOF (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell & Ian Rasmussen)
NSW Cacharel Unique (Aust Ch) (Willem & Raewyn Knopper)
NT Cacharel Ursuline (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
QLD Cacharel Utzano HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs (Dual Champion (Aust & Herding)) (C & A Mitchell - Cacharel Briards)
SA Carmandy Amazin Coco Chanel (AI) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)
NSW Chaotic Bigfoot Du Tiahart (Imp Can) (Aust CH) (D&JM Bartley)
NZ Chaotic's Dexter Down Under ( IMP CAN ) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
SA Fostebrie Divine Edition JW ShCM (Imp UK) (UK Ch & Aust Gr Ch) (E Bennett)
QLD Gangster's Paradise Moravia Campanella (Imp Cze) HSAs (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach & Carl & Anne Mitchell)
VIC Glenine Gottaluv Gordy (Aust Ch) (Susie Losa)
SA J'Aint She A Dream Moravia Campanella (Imp Cze) (Aust Gr Ch) (E Bennett)
NZ Jeunelle Dor d'Angevin (Ch) (Linda Shove)
VIC Kaasha Folie De Jeunesse (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Life In The Fast Lane (AI) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Life On The Edge (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach & Emily Heller)
TAS Kaasha Naughty But Nice (K Webb)
TAS Kaasha Never A Dull Moment (K Webb/V Hodson & J & M Sach)
SA Narbrisse Marvellous Creation (Aust Ch) (E Bennett)
WA Narbrisse Mesmerizing (Mark & Jeni Sach)
QLD Narbrisse Miss Congeniality HT (C & A Mitchell)
VIC Narbrisse Ophira (Kim Kucera)
TAS Narbrisse Orange Fizz (K Webb/V Hodson/E Bennett)
NZ Nikita De La Manoliere (Gavin Haussmann)
NSW Tiahart Blaze Of Glory (Aust CH) (D&JM Bartley)
NZ Tiahart Chai Latte ( IMP AU ) (NZ Ch) (Gavin Haussmann & Leanne Lindsay)
NZ Tiahart Dejavoo (IMP AU) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
NSW Tiahart Earth Girl (Aust ch) (D & JM Bartley)
NSW Tiahart Hellene (Aust Grand CH) (D & JM Bartley)
NSW Tiahart Kikidee (Aust CH) (D & JM Bartley)
SA Tiahart Lady Isabeau Danjou (AUST CH) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)
SA Tiahart Madame Marie Curie (AI) (Aust CH) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)
NSW Tiahart Monsieur Merlot ( Ai ) (Aust CH) (Mr D & Mrs J M Bartley)
NSW Tiahart Vavava Voom (Grand Champion) (Jo & Dave Bartley)
NZ Valois Black Shanida (Ch) (Linda Shove)

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