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 Amasa The Duchess (AI)
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Photo   Kashanby Drysdale's Damsel [QLD] (Karen O'Keefe)
Photo   Kashanby Monet [QLD] (Karen O'Keefe)
Photo   Kayem Been There Dun That (AI) [TAS] (Kerry Adams)
Photo   Kayem Devils Hocus Pocus  (Champion) [TAS] (Kerry Adams)
Photo   Kayem Petes Johnny Jackson [NSW] (Pete Littlejohn)
Photo   Kaynyne Flyin Solo at Lapsewood  (Multi BISS RUBISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gary Withers)
Photo   Kochak Omnipotent  (Multi BISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Sharyn Wright)
Photo   Kochak Quentin Crisp  (MULTI BIS RUBIS RUBISS SUPREME CH) [NSW] (Chris Mascord)
Photo (*) Kyeye Achilles [QLD] (Des & Theresa Morgan)
Photo   Kyeye Howzat Davo [QLD] (Des & Theresa Morgan)
Photo   Lapsewood Ladyhawke  (BISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gary Withers)
Photo   Lapsewood Lazarus at Carrington  (BISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Les and Carol Clark)
Photo (*) Lapsewood Paint It Black  (BISS, BIS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Garry and Rose Dunn)
Photo   Lapsewood Private Dancer  (BIS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gary Withers and Paula Pollard)
Photo (*) Lapsewood Purple Rain (Imp NZ) [VIC] (Rhonda Harvey)
Photo   Lapsewood Stand & Deliver  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gary Withers)
Photo   Lapsewood Star Attraction of Tenaya (Imp NZ) [NZ] (Helen Seddon)
Photo   Lapsewood Strike A Pose (imp Nz)  (AUST CH) [QLD] (Mr I & Mrs C Davis)
Photo (*) Liebendane The Last Straw (AI)  (BISS Aust Grand Champion) [VIC] (Mrs Sue Burrows)
Photo (*) Lottis Morpheus Remax  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Tracy Wallage)
  Mafimafi Something to Remember (AI)  (Ch) [NSW] (Mr G & MS T Donnelly)
Photo   Majakev True Reflection (ai)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Mrs J Rossi & Mrs S Burrows)
Photo   Mandav Kung Fu Panda  (Aust Champion) [VIC] (Ms Amanda Donnan Mr David Bentley)
Photo   Mannindanes Hells Angel [NSW] (Manningdanes)
Photo   Manningdanes Angel Wings [NSW] (Hildedane Kennels)
Photo (*) Manningdanes Bladerunner  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Notradane)
Photo (*) Manningdanes Code Of Honor [NSW] (Manningdanes)
Photo (*) Manningdanes Ghostwalker  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Manningdanes)
Photo   Manningdanes Stormguard [NSW] (Emma Craddock)
Photo   Manordane Casino Royale (AI) [QLD] (R & K Whitelock)
Photo   Manordane Quantum Of Solace (ai)  (Aust Champion) [QLD] (Mr I & Mrs C Davis)
Photo   Mulgadane Dancin Daphne [NSW] (Dee Milthorpe & Margie Verplak)
Photo   Mulgadane Lyka Tora  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (A & S Bruce)
Photo   Mulgadane Not On Ya Nelly  (AUST. CH.) [WA] (Mr Clayton Hunter)
  Notradane Anu Blu [NSW] (A.L.&M.A.Marshall)
Photo (*) Notradane Argo [NSW] (A.L.&M.A.Marshall)
Photo   Notradane Athena [NSW] (A.& M. Marshall Notradane Great Danes.)
  Notradane Hector The Great [NSW] (A.L.&M.A.Marshall)
Photo   Notradane Princess Meg  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (A & M Marshall Notradane Great Danes)
Photo   Notradane Princess Sophie [NSW] (Ms H F Schliefert)
Photo   Notradane Sir Lancelot [NSW] (A.& M. Marshall)
Photo   Notradane Victory  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (A & M Marshall)
Photo   Ondane Dancin Ona Star  (Ch) [VIC] (K. & J. Ward)
Photo   Ondane Dream Lover [VIC] (Mrs K & Mr J Ward)
Photo   Ondane Love Is In The Air [VIC] (Mrs K & Mr J Ward)
Photo   Quintessa Ju No [QLD] (Ane Bjornerem)
Photo   Quintessa Lucina [QLD] (Ane Bjornerem)
Photo   Quintessa Tallahatchie [QLD] (G. Beech & P. J. Kingham)
Photo   Ravendane Foreign Exchange (Imp UK) [QLD] (Monica Roebuck)
Photo   Rebelwood Skys The Limit  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (M&E Taggart)
Photo   Rebelwood Steel your Heart [QLD] (Julia Bruhn)
Photo   Riesenhaft Once Upon A Time AI  (AUST CHAMPION) [QLD] (Phil and Michelle Hickey)
Photo   Riesenhaft The Time Traveller AI  (AUST CHAMPION) [QLD] (Phil and Michelle Hickey)
Photo   Riesenhaft Times Square (AI)  (Aust CH) [NSW] (Mark Bradburn & Debbie Selden)
Photo   Riesig Hera  (RUBISS Australian CH) [NSW] (C. & D. Mascord)
Photo (*) Rithpen Enter The Star  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Matthew & Philippa Davis)
Photo (*) Rithpen King of Kings  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Brian Elsley)
Photo (*) Rithpen Man Bout Town  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Parry / Davis)
Photo   Rithpen Miss Congeniality (AI) [NSW] (Sharyn Wright)
Photo (*) Rithpen The Real McCoy  (Champion) [VIC] (Parry/Davis)
Photo   Rorlyn Love The Way You Lie  (Aust.Ch.) [WA] (R & L Booth)
Photo   Rorlyn Rhythm Of My Heart [WA] (R & L Booth)
Photo   Rorlyn Working Class Man  (Aust.Ch.) [WA] (R & L Booth)
Photo   Scotarge Watch The Star  (AUST CH) [NSW] (Gez & Leanne Wheeler)
Photo (*) Stordansk Awesum Inkognito (Imp Aust) [NZ] (Tania Larsen)
Photo   Stordansk BLK Too Awesum  (American Champion) [NSW] (Dawn Buckland)
Photo   Stordansk Davincis Aria  (BISS, RUBISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Julie Hyde)
Photo   Stordansk Davincis The Maestro [NSW] (Julie Hyde & Donna Gregor)
Photo (*) Stordansk Drd's The Revival (AI)  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Jonathon Munro & Rachael Fowler)
Photo   Stordansk R U Talkn To Me  (2 X RUBISS) [NZ] (Glenn Crewther and Bruce Fraser)
Photo (*) Stordansk The Masterpiece  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Julie Hyde)
Photo   Stormalong Luvmy Songndance Man  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Mrs Sue Burrows)
  Strykerdane Gossip Girl [VIC] (Alisha Watson)
Photo (*) Swayd Cat Gotcha Tongue [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon)
Photo (*) Swayd Dirty Little Secret [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon & Kylee Noakes)
Photo (*) Swayd Doing It My Way (AI) E.T.  (RUBIS Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon / Jasmin Briscoe)
Photo (*) Swayd Every Which Way But Yours (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon)
Photo   Swayd Going It Alone (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon)
Photo   Swayd She Drives Me Crazy  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon)
Photo   Swayd Slip Ov Th Tongue [VIC] (Kerry McKinnon)
Photo   Swayd Spick N Span - Therapy Dog [VIC] (Jasmin Briscoe)
Photo   Taliekin Blackarachnia (AI)  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
Photo   Taliekin Etched in Stone (AI)  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
Photo   Taliekin Grand Illusion  (Aust CH) [VIC] (Mandav)
Photo   Taliekin Legally Blonde  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
Photo   Taliekin The Bourne Legacy (AI)  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
Photo   Taliekin Viva Las Vegas  (Aust Champion) [VIC] (Mandav Kennels)
Photo   Tanzendane Belverdere  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Matthew Steward)
Photo   Taybon Summer Storm [NSW] (Paul & Jessica Taylor)
Photo   Thunderfire Christian Grey  (Ch.) [VIC] (G. Revill)
Photo   Thunderfire Farenheit [VIC] (Thunderfire Great Danes)
Photo (*) Thunderfire Hot Sox  (BISS Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
Photo   Thunderfire Iron Maiden [VIC] (Thunderfire Great Danes)
Photo   Thunderfire Outa the Blu [NSW] (Mick Taggart)
Photo   Thunderfire Shapeshifter  (Australian Ch) [VIC] (Amanda Donnan)
Photo   Thunderfire Silver Cerulean [TAS] (Kerry Adams - Kayem Great Danes)
Photo   Thunderfire Silver Chimera [VIC] (Thunderfire kennels)
Photo (*) Truemania Indianas Image (AI)  (BIS/RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) [VIC] (Mrs Sue Burrows)
Photo (*) Underane American Gold (AI) RN  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Alisha Watson - Strykerdane)
Photo   Underane Playboy [VIC] (Rhonda Harvey & Kim Ward)
Photo   Underane Xtra Special at Lapsewood (Imp Aus)  (BISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gary Withers & Paula Pollard)
Photo (*) Valinor-Cheshire's For The Ride, AOM  (BISS AM Gr Ch) [VIC] (Shalein Bonney, DVM)
Photo (*) Vandane Deep Water  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (David & Rose Barnes / Ruth Waxman)
Photo   Voncavadane Bent On Bewitching (AI) [NSW] (DM Milthorpe & Ms L Cann)
Photo   Voncavandane Bent On Bedazzling (AI) [NSW] (DM Milthorpe & Ms L Cann)
Photo (*) Vonmagna Negus  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (J. Munro)
Photo   Warpaint Devils Fame A.I [NSW] (W & L Hamaty)
Photo   Willitoft Bella Donna  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Donna Burnett)
Photo   Willitoft Bootylicious (AI)  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Rod & Kathy Whitelock)
Photo   Willitoft Breakaway (AI) [QLD] (Mrs Cassandra Davis)
Photo   Willitoft English Rose (AI)  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Andrew & Susan Bruce)
  Willitoft Evening Star  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Jools Ruddle / Sally Gough)
Photo   Willitoft Excalibur (AI)  (Australian Neuter Champion) [QLD] (D Lansbury)
Photo   Willitoft Eyes of Kye (AI)  (Australian Champion) [SA] (Miss Shontelle Davies)
Photo (*) Willitoft Fire and Ice (AI)  (Australian Champion) [SA] (Shontelle Davies)
(*) Willitoft Flying Lika Eagle (AI) [QLD] (A Mann)
Photo   Willitoft Foxy Lady (AI)  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Julie Ruddle)
Photo   Willitoft Gonna Fly Forever [QLD] (Sue Bruce)
  Willitoft Gotta B A Murphy [QLD] (A & S Bruce)
  Willitoft Gypsy Rose Lee [QLD] (Faye Pritchard)

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