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Anita Fryer
Location :
Fernvale QLD
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~ (EST 1984) ~

We are a founding GERMAN PINSCHER kennel, with years of experience behind us. Show dogs available from top winning show lines.
Read about our history, our ethics, and our goals regarding this very smart breed. Having the wealth of experience we do, we can multi task the dedication to have more than one successful breed.

We breed Pinscher puppies 2-3 times a year, we are looking for owners that focus on performance dogs, show dogs and active family homes,
You can look up our breeding plans here ~ https://www.masterkarn.com.au/breeding-plans-2023.

Our focus is on the long term outcome for our kennels within the longevity of this breed.
We have achieved many firsts for the German Pinscher in Australia. Here are just some...
* MULTIPLE Champions - (Australian/Overseas)
* MULTIPLE BIG Group/R/Up-in-Group wins, BIS show wins, Class-in-Group/in Show wins.
* AGILITY dogs * Our German Pinscher's performance versatility started in 1991, with the first obedience and agility trained GP in Australia and by a 14 yr old!
* MULTIPLE IMPORTS and EXPORTS, producing GP's winning under ALL BREEDS and SPECIALTY judges. Our success has seen our dogs Shown and bred here in Australia and overseas producing CHAMPIONS and GRAND CHAMPIONS as well as the start-up of new German Pinscher kennels.

We are happy to answer all your questions. Visit our "Everything German Pinscher page".
Contact us between 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Anita 0409493988

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


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Michele Beyer
Location :
West Wyalong NSW
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#1 Breeder 2022
#1 Performance Breeder 2022
#1 Dog 2022

The German Pinscher in Australia was founded by Deutschpin & Meisterpin Knls from 1986. From the 3 GP’s imported, several years of inbreeding occurred by breeders that would follow.

Kaitler kennels (Est 1996) quickly imported several dogs and semen to open up and ensure a continued existence of the breed.
Over these last 27 years, we have continued to import Quality dogs to preserve the breed.

Kaitler Kennels are breeders of the most awarded GP’s bred in Australia. Winning all over the world. With multiple Export Champions producing Champions in Europe, Canada, The US, Asia, & NZ.

Along with amazing Show dogs, our extended GP family of pet homes have enjoyed our stunning, healthy, even tempered & smart puppies for almost 30 years, all over the world. Many with their 2nd, 3rd & 4th dogs.
Preservation, Dedication & Attention creates well considered, multi generationally sound, loved & adored puppies.

GP’s actively Working & Achievers across several disciplines.
The ONLY Dual Champion
The ONLY A2O Champions
The ONLY CIB Champions
The FIRST Grand Champion (7 in total)
National Specialty winners here and abroad
Multi Best of breed WESTMINSTER USA.
Best in Group, RUBIG, Class in show winners!
130+ Titles.

Check out our website for “Planned breedings”
Join us on Facebook!

Michele & Charlotte.

Next Litter Planned: March, 2024


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Location :
Cardinia VIC
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The love to this type of breed was started in the year 2002 when I started in showing, training and breeding Miniature Pinscher and Dobermann. We are now showing, training and breeding German Pinscher which has the same type but in the middle size.

Our Dogs have excellent temperaments to suit Family companions, Obedience, and Confirmation show. Have hip & elbow scored, DNA tests and clear eyes certificate.

I was the winner of the Dogs Victoria Obedience State Championship 2013

I won 1st place, Hight in Trial, and Owner handler on the German Shepherd Club of Victoria Obedience State Championship 2013

We believe in matching the right dog to the right person and spend quality time with our pups playing and assessing their characters.

We breed for Quality, Soundness, Temperament and Health.

All enquiries welcome for current and future litters, please feel free to contact us for additional information

Next Litter Planned: February, 2024


Contact :
Gill Harding R.. Paunovic
Location :
Sanderston SA
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We have been breeding and learning about German Pinshers since 2006.
We breed a small number of GP we have both red and black.
We health test the parents for VWDT1 and DM and we are selective about which stock we use to breed based on health testing and temperament.
The German Pinscher is a well balanced, smooth haired, medium sized dog with elegant and flowing outlines but strong and well muscled.
They are alert, good natured, playful, watchful and fearless, they are high spirited.
There height at the withers is 43-48 cms.
The breed originated about 400 years ago recognized in 1879 in Germany.
People interested in the breed should first research the breed and then contact the breeders to discuss further.
We are happy for people to come and see our dogs by appointment.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


Contact :
Caroline Mainey
Location :
Central Coast NSW NSW
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Lemanko Kennel aims to contribute to the preservation and betterment of this wonderful breed.
My involvement with the breed began back in 1999. I have trained and titled German Pinschers in obedience, jumping, agility, endurance and conformation showing.
The German Pinscher is truly a versatile capable breed and there wouldn't be a dog sport that they aren't good at. I am passionate about sharing this medium sized, wash and wear dog with anyone who thinks it might be the breed for them. However a word of caution, they are not a breed for everybody. Don't underestimate them because of their beautiful angelic faces and handy size, they are not to be taken lightly. Please do your research before deciding if you have room in your life for a dog with endless energy, it's own mind and undivided loyalty.

I breed for temperament and health and all breeding stock are fully health tested and come from multi generations of health tested dogs.
My dogs are raised in my home and are my companions first and foremost. All puppies bred by Lemanko come with lifetime guaranteed support.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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