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Contact :
Sally & Sylvia Johnson
Location :
PO Box 1750; Virginia SA
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Quatay was the first Peruvian imported into Australia.
“The prehispanic dog during the Moche and Inca era especially, was used as a partner in hunting deer and other animals. This custom survives until today in the Andean region. This concept that dog had overall during the pre-Hispanic Peru should be considered by the ANKC to classify in the Hound Group. Which although it is not the exact classification I would tell ranking ANKC breed Judges really adjust to the reality of our breed and the Viringo as a hunting dog. “
"His suspicion and distrust strangers made it an extraordinary guardian, and raised in the countryside, it develops its hunting instinct also excel as an excellent pet dog, qualities inherent since ancient times.: The breed is believed to have originated in Asia. The Peruvian Hairless Dog has a nature that is tranquil and intelligent; this striking hairless breed radiates warmth. The medium-sized sighthound was highly prized in Inca culture, portrayed on pottery and found in graves beside its owners.
The Peruvian has the double suspended gait of a sighthound and excels sports where speed and agility are required.

Next Litter Planned: June, 2019


Contact :
Linda Millott
Location :
Daisy Hill QLD
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I have been blessed to be owned by this wonderful loyal , elegant breed . The Peruvian Hairless dog also know as Pero Sin Pelo Peru or Viringo in their country of Origin .
The Peruvian Hairless dog is also Peru’s National dog , preserved and heritage listed in Peru , only with government approval can the dogs be exported .
The breed is beleived to date back to 750A.D in the Moche And Inka era . The dogs were used as hunting dogs for food , and also known as the Inka dogs. They are still seen today roaming the streets of Cuzco and Machu Picchu
The breed also comes in coated variety , with 3 different sizes .
They are a very loyal soft kind gentle family dog and extremely clean house dogs . They are aloof and wary of strangers and a wonderful guard dog
I have been fortunate to have been able to import 4 to date and look forward to helping promote such a beautiful breed

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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