The Affenpinscher

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight3 - 4 Kg (approx)
Life Span12 - 15 Years (approx)


The Affenpinscher, or "Monkey Terrier", got his name from his unusual facial appearance. His large, dark eyes, protruding jaw and lower lip, and whiskers sticking out from the face, all enhance the "monkey-like" expression.
However, the Affenpinscher does more than just resemble a monkey. This unique breed exhibits calculated dexterity with his forepaws, often grappling and tossing toys.
In Australia, the only recognised colour is black – with grey emerging as time goes by.


The Affenpinscher originated in Germany and has appeared in German artwork dating back to the 16th century. This depicted them as ratters and companions. They have had a presence in Australia for about 20 years, but are still the rarest of the Toy breeds here – with new registrations never exceeding double-digits.


The temperament of the Affenpinscher is often described as "comically serious". It is said they are "little ruffians with a swagger". They exhibit a great loyalty to their family and friends, are watchful of strangers and are fearless towards any threat. They are typically a quiet breed, but are known for their "terrier spark and fire" and are effective as a watchdog, barking to warn of visitors and to seek attention when excited.

Care / Grooming

They don’t need a lot of grooming: their coat is a wiry, terrier-type that does not require frequent brushing or bathing. However, they do need to be "stripped" to maintain a healthy coat. This is an easy skill to master. It involves pulling the dead, dull hair out...leaving shiny new hair behind.
They are prepared to take as much or as little exercise as you feel inclined to give them. They are hardy enough to tackle a country walk but are equally at home curled up on your bed !


No major health issues: although they belong to the Toy Group, for which patella problems are common, the Affens are not delicate; they are a medium boned breed, and quite sturdy.
Diet is rarely a problem – Affens will eat everything presented to them ! Raw chicken necks are a favorite. Consequently there is a need to control the quantity of food accessible to them to avoid the “black pudding syndrome” !

Your Allergies: Affenpinschers are less likely to cause allergy problems in the owner’s family as they are one of the few hypo-allergenic breeds

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