FC Eidi N' Amanar Fawaz (IMP POL)

Flint has an outgoing boisterous personality a really fun dog that is full of energy and easy to get along with, he has passed these traits along to his offspring making them great to live with. He has taken to Lure Coursing and has achieved his Field Champion lure coursing title and has started his LCM.

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Pedigree for FC Eidi N' Amanar Fawaz (IMP POL)
Sire : Aulad Al Sahra's L'Eguel S: Targi Kel Dahoussahaq S:
D: Aulad Al Sahra's U' Tenere S:
Dam : Tombouktou's X'Alamou S: Al Hara's Vakuru S:
D: Takute Al-Ifriqiya S:

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