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Aust Gr Ch Wakili Ak Ilaman (imp ESP)
(Ms D Huon)

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VIC Asahagh wa n'Tafouk (IMP PRI) (C Parratt)
VIC Eidi N' Amanar Fawaz (IMP POL) (C Parratt)
VIC Eidi N'Amanar I-Ja-Tan (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Grantulla Amzhad (C Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Asfru (Ch) (J Ryan & C Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Dihya JC (Aust CH) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Taderfit (C Parratt)
WA Grantulla Tafalkayt (Ms A Holmes & Ms C Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Taziri (Aust & sFCh, sLCM, fCh) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Tende (Grand Champion) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Yufitri (Champipn) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
NSW Jumadabey Orodreth (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon & F Erskine)
VIC Jumadabey Ossiriand (Aust. Ch.) (Geraldine Hardy)
VIC Jumadabey Ovarzazate (Aust Gr Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Jumadabey Ovezzane (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Jumadabey Pallavi (D Huon & T Stephens)
WA Jumadabey Patryk (Aust Ch) (Mrs D & Mr C Reynolds)
NSW Jumadabey Peldri (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Wakili Ak Ilaman (imp ESP) (Aust Gr Ch) (Ms D Huon)
VIC Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ms Debra Huon)

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