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Aust Ch Jumadabey Ovezzane
(Debra Huon)

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VIC Asahagh wa n'Tafouk (IMP PRI) (C Parratt)
VIC Eidi N' Amanar Fawaz (IMP POL) (C Parratt)
VIC Eidi N'Amanar I-Ja-Tan (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Grantulla Amzhad (C Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Asfru (Ch) (J Ryan & C Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Dihya (Aust CH) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Taderfit (C Parratt)
WA Grantulla Tafalkayt (Ms A Holmes & Ms C Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Taziri (Aust & sFCh) (Chantal Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Tende (Champion) (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
QLD Grantulla Yufitri (Sandy Adsett and Chantal Parratt)
NSW Jumadabey Orodreth (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon & F Erskine)
VIC Jumadabey Ossiriand (Aust. Ch.) (Geraldine Hardy)
VIC Jumadabey Ovarzazate (Aust Gr Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Jumadabey Ovezzane (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Jumadabey Pallavi (D Huon & T Stephens)
WA Jumadabey Patryk (Aust Ch) (Mrs D & Mr C Reynolds)
NSW Jumadabey Peldri (Aust Ch) (Debra Huon)
VIC Wakili Ak Ilaman (imp ESP) (Aust Gr Ch) (Ms D Huon)
VIC Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ms Debra Huon)

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