Ch Agile Jump Into The Fire

What an amazing ride with Flame, our little rocket who had her first show in August 2017 and in three weekends of showing has done us proud with multiple class in group, then Runner Up in Group and finally Best in Group. Her quality recognised by local and International Judges, we feel she potentially has a good future before her.

Flames' pilot around the ring , Terri Greig does an absolutely awesome job, even moreso considering recent conditions, and on the move, it is poetry in motion watching the pair cover the ground with correct pace and movement so typical of a well conformed Border Collie; but we like watching Terri run, and go round "one more time" (expletive deleted).

Sarah Gordon then took on the mantle, although Sarah would argue that Flame tried everything she could to finish off Sarah! Regardless, we are indebt to both Terri and Sarah for taking the lead, and showing our girl, whom an International Judge commented "she is in a league of her own". Thank you Jason for her final round, she is worth it.

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Pedigree for Ch Agile Jump Into The Fire
Sire : Ch Agile Call Me HIAs HSBs S: S:
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Dam : Agile Folsom Prison Blues HT S: S:
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