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Dunwurkn In Harness
(Maranda Wegrzyniak)

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NT Ableflow She Will Reign (N Smith)
TAS Ableflow Somersby (Terry French)
QLD Absolute Charm of Blue Wolf (IMP HUN) (Louise Stonehouse)
VIC Adensley Heartbreaker (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Highland Piper (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Jesses Girl (AG CH 500) (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Last Tango (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Popsicle Toes (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Rum Runner (Anne Dengate)
VIC Adensley Running Bear (Clare Terpstra)
VIC Agile Call Me HIAs HSBs (Ch & NZ Ch) (Agile Kennels)
VIC Agile Jump Into The Fire (Ch) (Agile Kennels)
VIC Agile Red Headed Stranger (Agile Kennels)
VIC Agile Venetian (Agile Kennels)
QLD Agislepaws Double Pun Pebbles RM RAE AD JDX JDO SDX GDX SPDM (R.O. CH) (Lisa Kaddatz)
NSW Airsent Kirei Desu Ne (Aust Ch) (E Bevk & R Koerber)
NSW Albeflow Dark Knight PT, HSAs (Aust Ch) (Mervena Conroy)
QLD Aldyson King Billy (Aust Grand Ch) (Lyn Prowse)
QLD Aldyson Leading Lady (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Lyn Prowse)
QLD Aldyson Masterpiece E.T. (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Lyn Prowse)
QLD Allclarity All or Nothing AD JD GD SD SPDX (Ch) (Moira Bruce)
QLD Allclarity California Sparkle (Ch) (Reegan Bevan)
TAS Allclarity Collectors Edition ET (Sup Ch) (Allclarity Kennels)
TAS Allclarity Diamond Edition (AI) CCD JDX (Jamie Kieliszek)
NSW Allclarity Lets Jazz It Up (AI) CDX RM DWDF.S (Sup Ch RO Ch) (Carol Domsalla)
TAS Allclarity Matter of Factor (Allclarity Kennels)
VIC Arajoel Ican B Blaze (Shona Stoneman)
VIC Arajoel Quest For Fergus (Kiradowns Border Collies)
NSW Araluen Candle Inth Wind (CH Neuter CH) (Greg and Tania Piercy)
QLD Ashmoor Choc 'O' Block (IMP NZ) (Mrs L Stonehouse)
NZ Ashmoor Zack 'N' Black (Sharon Kelly)
NSW Auldbrig Lillie Langtry (Aust Ch) (Susan Morris)
QLD Baramewe Cotton Eye Joe (Keith & Petrea Riley)
QLD Baramewe Dream A Little Dream (Petrea & Keith Riley)
QLD Baramewe Great Spirit Warrior (Keith & Petrea Riley)
QLD Baramewe How The West Was Won (Kj & Mrs PJ Riley)
QLD Baramewe Time Of Your Life (Michelle Pollitt and Gary Ward)
SA Baramewe Trinity Affair (Amy Eatts)
NZ Basara Don’t Look Back At Rosshire (T McIntosh & A Ross)
NZ Basara Shelby Baby Don’t Go (Mrs Tracey McIntosh)
QLD Bawntawn A Dash Of Flash (CH) (Cheryl Brauers)
QLD Bawntawn Flash Back To A Star (Ch) (Cheryl Brauers)
QLD Becksbest Matildas Gem (Jenni Timperley)
SA Beecee Fire Fly (Katie Wahlheim)
VIC Bel Adele Cruise Control CD. RA .ADX .JDM. (Bel Adele Kennels)
NSW Belendaine Lady Tiffany (HIC) (Therese Kropman)
WA Bellaclan Casanovas Magic (Am & Can & Aus CH) (Ambre Smith)
WA Bellaclan Sunset Symphony RN (Am GrCH & Can CH & Aus CH) (Ambre Smith)
QLD Bellamiscela Wotta Royal Blue (John & Carrol Penn)
QLD Bestbuddies Lookinforadventure (K J & Mrs P J Riley)
NSW Bimbee Kiss My Boots (Jennifer Skinner)
QLD Bojak Daniels (Marina Rix)
QLD Borbern Black Label (Aust Grand Ch) (Jim & Sue Cook)
QLD Borbern Broncos Best (Aust Grand Ch) (Jim & Sue Cook)
NSW Bordadream Crystal Iiason (Miss M West)
NSW Bordadream Crystal Rose (Miss M West)
NSW Bordadream Light Illusions (Miss M West)
NSW Bordalace Black In Style (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Black to Basics (Anne Williams & Alison Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Black To The Future (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace By Royal Decree (Ch) (Miss A J Cowin & Mr G & Mrs T J Piercy)
NSW Bordalace Catch Me If U Can HT (Aust Ch) (Alison J Cowin & Henry Family)
NSW Bordalace Flash N Dash P.T. (American Grand /Aust Supreme Champion) (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace In The Sky With Diamonds (Ch) (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Just Talkin Bout Money (M Allen & A J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Justalkin Bout Money (BIS) (Ms M Allen)
NSW Bordalace Ramblin Rose HSAs (Aust Ch & NCh) (Shiralee Fossey)
NSW Bordalace Reminiscing (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Rider Of The Storm (Aust Ch) (M Thompson / A J Cowin / T Piercy)
NSW Bordalace Shes Got The Look (A J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Shine Bright Lika Diamond (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Bordalace Strike A Pose (AJ Cowin & T Piercy)
SA Bordalace Theme For A Dream HSAs ET (Aust Ch) (Wynnlake Border Collies)
NSW Bordalace Wish You Were Here (Aust Ch) (A J Cowin & N & D Bahn)
QLD Bordalace With Atouch Of Magic (Ch) (Peter & Cheryl Brauers)
VIC Bordarita Did Ya See Me ADM JDM ADO JDO GDM SDM SPDM (Dual CH (Ag)) (Bordarita Kennels)
QLD Bordarita Im A Perfect Diamond (AI) (Pukawidgee Kennels & Bordarita Kennels)
VIC Bordarita Im So Cool (AI) (Aust Sup CH) (Bordarita Kennels)
VIC Bordarita Its All About Me AD JD SD (Aust Sup CH) (Bordarita Kennels)
VIC Bordarita Its Me Ya Lookn For (Aust Grand CH) (Heather and Adrian Tilley)
QLD Bordarush Conquer The Code (Lauren Musgrave)
VIC Borderfame King OHearts (SUPREME CHAMPION) (Khayoz & Bordefame Kls)
WA Borderlight Aryel Queste CD RE PT ADM JDM2 ADO2 JDO6 GDM SDX SPDM (TS CH. T CH  ) (D P Rose)
QLD Borderstrand Bear Hug (Marina Rix)
QLD Borderstrand Bold Prince (Ketrina French)
QLD Borderstrand Bronze King (Marina Rix)
QLD Borderstrand Fates Fancy (Marina Rix)
QLD Borderstrand Mystic Capri (Marina Rix)
QLD Borderstrand Mystic Cyan (Marina Rix)
QLD Borderstrand Shades of Grey (Marina Rix)
TAS Borderstrand Steel Cruisin (Aust.Neuter Champion) (Wendy Richardson)
WA Borderton Klear Image (Aust Supreme) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Lou Easy An I A (AM Gr Ch) (Borderton Kennels)
QLD Borregoperro First Mate CCD RN ADM4 JDM5 ADO5 JDO5 SPDM GDM SDM PT (Agility CH 500) (Lisa Kaddatz)
QLD Borregoperro Hubba Bubba ADX.JDX.SDX.GD (Mrs D Jenner)
SA Braeloch Wynn Lake Of Dreams (Wynnlake Border Collies)
NSW BrynkatJewelRose Molly (Diane Winter)
QLD Calihills Love Hungry Man (AI) (Reegan Bevan)
SA Cambrae Hit The Jackpot CDX RAE (Dual ch (RO) Surpreme champion) (Alexa McKenzie)
VIC Camwyn Va Va Voom (Bronwen Casey)
VIC Camwyn Venus in Velvet (Velvetfields Kennels - D Scott)
QLD Cannyben Locked N Loaded (Aust. Ch.) (Janice McKiernan)
QLD Cannyben Midnite Cowboy (Aust Ch) (R.F & J.G McKiernan)
QLD Cannyben Star Attraction (Kerry McNamara / Robbie Ryan)
QLD Celtic Heart Boudicca (Ms Sonia A Smith)
NSW Chalfont Jamie MacDonald ET HSAs (Aust Ch) (Shiralee Fossey)
QLD Chocabloc Elizas Echo (Mrs Louise Stonehouse)
QLD Chocabloc Game On (Deirdree Klatt)
QLD Chocabloc Razzle Dazzle (Louise Stonehouse)
QLD Chocabloc Rebel With A Cause (Louise Stonehouse)
QLD Chocabloc The Crown Jewel (Louise Stonehouse)
QLD Chocabloc Uptown Girl (Louise Stonehouse)
QLD Clan Abby Black Label Edition (Louise Stonehouse)
NZ Clan-Abby Diamonds-In-The-Sky A.I CGCB (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler)
NZ Clan-Abby Famous In Love (Aust& NZ Ch) (Johanna Vos-Butler, Xiaogang Tang)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ Back-To-Th-Future A.I (Aust Ch & NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler& XG Tang& Y Jin)
QLD Clan-Abby NZ Back-To-The-Future A.I. (Imp NZ) (AUST & NZ. CH.) (Johanna Vos-Butler)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ Captain McCaw (NZ Ch) (L Tang& J L Vos-Butler)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ Diamond Lover CGCB (NZ Ch) (Johanna Vos-Butler, Pieter Vos)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ One Love (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler& X G Tang& Y Jin)
NSW Clan-Abby Nz Royal Tully (Susan Morris)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ-Royal-Dream (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler & XG Tang&Y Jin)
QLD Clan-Abby NZ-Royal-Star (Imp NZL) (Kirsty Green)
QLD Clanabby Augustus Caesar (Johanna Vos-Butler)
QLD Clanabby Marie Antoinette (Johanna Vos-Butler)
QLD Clanabby Wind Beneath My Wings (Johanna Vos-Butler)
ACT Clanheath Cause A Stir (Gr Ch) (Jacqui Marshall)
NSW Clanheath Collectors Edition (Aust. Ch.) (K Hicks/J Lambourne)
ACT Clanheath Country Lovin (P & J Marshall)
ACT Clanheath Designa Future (Ch) (Jacqui Marshall)
NSW Clanheath Handsome Devil (P & J Marshall)
ACT Clanheath Hint of Envy (Grand Champion) (P & J Marshall)
QLD Clanheath Into the Sunshine (Marsha Muller)
NSW Clanheath Major Storm (Champion) (P & J Marshall)
ACT Clanheath Quirk of Fate (Australian Champion) (P & J Marshall)
ACT Clanheath Twist of Fate (Aust Supreme Ch) (Jacqui Marshall)
NSW Clankelton Eric The Red (CH) (Miss M West)
NSW Clankelton Sir Walter Raleigh (Aust Ch) (Roslyn Tapp & Kevin Wilkinson)
QLD Classicyds Come In Spinner (Aust Ch) (R.F & J.G McKiernan)
QLD Cloudhaven Toblerone (Aust Ch) (Wendy Lucht)
NSW Codebonnie Somethnwicked (Aust Supreme Ch) (Sharon Hannigan)
NSW Comebyanaway Reddy Dhu Stig (Imp UK) (D. Kelly)
NSW Comebyanaway Time to Fly Imp UK (Deb Kelly)
VIC Crestvale Gay Serena CD (Aust Ch) (Tullaview Kennels)
VIC Cucriche Chances Are (Aust Ch) (Mr M & Mrs S Goulding)
QLD Cumbeynd True Blue (Tim & Jo Jerome)
NZ Dajarra Jumpin Jak Flash (NZCH) (Angela Findlay)
QLD Dalheath Drovers Run (Aust Champion) (Jim & Sue Cook)
NSW Dalheath Johnny Come Lately (Aust Champion) (Alison J Cowin)
NSW Dalheath Morning Star ET FdCH (Aust Ch) (Sharon Hannigan)

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