Aust CH Steadfast Talk Dirty To Me (A.I.)

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"Xander" gains his final points to achieve his Aust Champion title at 20 months (1 month behind his sister).
Some awards along the way were:
Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group and Minor Puppy in Group as an 8 month old (with LOVELY comments from the Judge about his movement and type)
2nd place Intermediate Dog - Border Collie Champ Show 2019
2nd place Junior Dog - Canberra Royal
Numerous In Group Awards: Best Baby, Best Minor, Best Puppy, Best Junior, Best Intermediate and Best Aus Bred

Testing Results: ORIVET - CLEAR, April 2018:
Opthalmologic: Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma
Dental: Raine Syndrome
Nervous System: Sensory Neuropathy
Collie Eye Anomaly
Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome
Von Willebrand's Disease
Primary Lens Luxation
Cobalamin Malabsorption
Degenerative Myelopathy
Ivermectin Sensitivity MDR1
Carrier of Dilute Gene

Hips: R:2, L: 2, Total: 4 (5/7/19)
Elbow R:0, L: 0, International Grade A, Australian Grade: 1

This litter was 12 months in the making and I eagerly anticipated keeping a male puppy. From a litter of 4, there were 3 males to consider. All puppies were well boned and had outstanding temperaments but "Xander" did stand out from birth!! When the time came to make a choice, it was not difficult as by this stage he had firmly cemented his rightful place at "Steadfast". Xander is very much a cuddly, yet exuberant and confident puppy who endears himself to all he meets. At this stage he and his sister are continuing to take it in turn to be Baby Puppy Of Breed. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this lovely youngster and hope that he can reflect some of his Daddy's history-making results in Sth Africa!! A HUGE indebted-type thankyou to Ron and Venessa Juckes for making this litter possible and allowing me to import semen from Glen; and also thankyou to them for the interest and friendship they have shown during the exciting last 12 months!!

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Ms Gaye McKiernan (Member Details)
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0412 603 589
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Pedigree for Aust CH Steadfast Talk Dirty To Me (A.I.)
Sire : Sth African GRAND CH Venron Monarch OT Glen (IMP ZAF) ZA049704B14-SEM S: Sth Af CH Venron Sendem To Th LZ of Lyncol (ZAF) S: Sth Af CH Venron Zulu Warrior (ZAF)
D: Int CH Sth Af CH C.I.B. Linbrie Return T Sender of Venron (ZAF)
D: Sth Af CH Lochiel Picture This At Venron (ZAF) S: UK SH CH Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Lochiel (FIN)
D: Lochiel Shows Promise (UK)
Dam : Aust Ch Steadfast Shut Up N Kiss Me (A.I.) E.T. S: Aust CH Steadfast DeJa Vu In Blu (AI) S: Aust Ch Showioz Breakn Th Rules
D: Aust Ch Sashdan Blues ThNew Blak E.T.
D: Aust Ch Khayoz Luv At First Site S: Aust Ch Steadfast Chick Magnet
D: Khayoz Midnite Affair

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