Castastar Incantation 'A''Z'

We welcome the gorgeous "Narvi"

This stunning young lady is from our beautiful "Eva" and the handsome "Freddie"

"Narvi" will be in partnership with our good friend Julie Hogan-Smith

Main photo at 13 mths

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Pedigree for Castastar Incantation 'A''Z'
Sire : Uk Ch Conbhairean Freddie, IPO2 KKL LBZ 'a' normal (gmy), ED normal (gmy) S: VA1 SWE Sieger 2015 Conbhairean Uno SCHH3 S: V Carlos von der Sudheimer Linde SCHH3
D: V Conbhairean Linzi SCHH1
D: VA1 (UK) Conbhairean Quella SCHH2 S: VA4 Kwantum vom Klostermoor SCHH3
D: V Kiara vom Conbhairean SCH 2
Dam : Aust Ch Castastar Evita 'A''Z' ET. HIT S: BISS * Ch Xaro von der Plassenburg Kkl.I IPO2 a N. Ed N. (Imp Gmy) S: 2 x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag Sch HIII (Gmy)
D: VA Wendy von der Piste Trophe Sch HIII (Gmy)
D: BISS * Ch Castastar Alexi RN. ET. PT 'A''Z' Multi Exc / Multi Exc Merit S: BISS * Zony v. Haus Gerstenberg Kkl. I Sch HIII a N. Ed N.
D: Aust. Ch & Neut. Ch Astasia Cinnamon RN ET HT 'A''Z' BSCl.1, Exc Merit / Multi Exc

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