FCH Sugargum Power N Panache CD ET HIT

Montana joined our family in 2000 and introduced us to the Working Type Aussie. Her mother Daysprings Dakota Rust was a working line Aussie with plenty of drive and personality, which she passed down to her little black daughter.

Montana overflowed with energy and enthusiasm for everything she took on. I found her difficult to handle in agility and instead harnessed her love for the ball and competed instead in Flyball. Tana quickly became a Flyball Champion, she never made an error and with her Keilor Team twice won the National Flyball Championships.

She had her litter of ten fat healthy puppies at a young age with Dakota and raised them with such expertise it seemed as if she had done it before. She lived out the rest of her long life with us and her daughter "Denver". She helped me to raise my own two daughters.

Montana had grit and determination to spare and was with us to the age of 16 and a half. She instilled in me the love of the Working Aussie, giving me a glimpse of the true original stock dog.

2000 - 2016

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Pedigree for FCH Sugargum Power N Panache CD ET HIT
Sire : CH Good Time Zeke (IMP USA) S: Windridges Electric Soundtrack (USA) S: Odessy's Intrigue of Ironwood (USA)
D: Somercrest's Cheesecake (USA)
D: Good Time La Frog (USA) S: Ravenwynd's Trooper (USA)
D: Good Time Yodels (USA)
Dam : Daysprings Dakota Rust (IMP USA) S: Truelucs Little Tucker (USA) S: FVF's Trouble In The Making (USA)
D: Doublestuff Oreo Of Trueluc (USA)
D: Bohans Dakota Ann (USA) S: Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf (USA)
D: Las Rocosa Candide (USA)

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