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Avonyon Rasalas
(Margaret Harding)

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VIC Alfoxton Hagar The Horrible (Alfoxton Kennels - Anne Zelvys)
VIC Alfoxton Ichabod Crane RN CD (Jenny Crapper)
VIC Alfoxton Isadorable (Alfoxton Kennels)
VIC Alfoxton Killer Queen (Tyler Cole & Anne Zelvys)
VIC Alfoxton Luna Lovegood (Anne Zelvys & Jenny Crapper)
VIC Alfoxton Nia Delith (Alfoxton Kennels)
VIC Alfoxton Nigh On A Rumour (Alfoxton Kennels)
VIC Alfoxton Outlaw Josey Wales (Alfoxton Kennels / G Cairns)
VIC Alfoxton Quiet Earth (Anne Zelvys)
VIC Alfoxton Rider In The Sky (Alfoxton - Cheney Family)
VIC Alfoxton River Song (Alfoxton Kennels - Anne Zelvys)
NSW Alnairs The Guardian (IMP USA) (American/Australian/N.Z. Champion) (Hessenberger / Oakey)
SA Amerahnn Flash The Cash At Windybrae NBT (Helen & Graeme Simpson)
VIC Amerahnn Luva Sunburnt Country (Nikola James)
VIC Amerahnn Walk of Fame (Nikola James)
NSW Aolani's Mai Silva Treasure E.T. (Imp USA) (RUBISS/MBIG2 Grand Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
SA Aolani's Maisilva Bullet (IMP USA) (BIG Ch) (Silvaghost Knls)
NSW Aolani's Maisilva Defender of the Lords (Imp USA) (BIS/RUBIS Aust Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
QLD Aolani's Maisilva Gunpowder (IMP USA) (Multi BIS RUBIS BISS Supreme Ch) (Mrs Kellie Vardy & Ms D Puttock)
NSW Aolani's Maisilva Sonic Boom (Imp USA) (BIS/RUBIS Grand Ch.) (Donna Puttock)
NT Ausbrand Silver Chalice (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
VIC AusFX Thru the Fire N Flames ET (AusFX Knls)
QLD Ausnadir Black Devil (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Belinda West)
QLD Aussberns Throwback At Ragtime (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Sally Puglisi)
WA Avonyon Gryphons Gold (Margaret Harding)
WA Avonyon Love Actually (Margaret Harding)
WA Avonyon Rasalas (Margaret Harding)
NT Avonyon Swag Of Gold (Kathryn Jacob)
NSW Azproudaz Aurora Magic (RUBIS, MULTIPLE BIG, AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Nicole Griffiths)
NSW Bannerbrite The Black Dragon (AI) (Aust CH) (Lee Khan)
NSW BarkingPines Garden Of Eden (RUBISS CH) (Miss M Moore)
NSW BarkingPines Standn Proud (Miss M Moore)
VIC Bellamarnie All Reved Up HIC (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Bellamarnie Torquem Up ADM JDM ADO JDO SPD SD HT (Ch) (Nikki Janetzki)
NSW Blueamble Hells Angel (BIS & RUBIS Aust Ch) (Ann & John Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble It Happened One Night (A & J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Juzfor The Hell Ofit (BIS,RUBIS Aust CH) (A J Lamberton K Cotton)
NSW Blueamble Leisure Suit Larry (Supreme Champion (BIS BISS)) (A & J Lamberton & D & V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Mr President (CH) (D & V Collins/A & J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble My Toyboy Is Black (BISS, Multi RuBISS, RuBIS, BIS GRAND CH) (A & J Lamberton & Dr Beth Tillman)
NSW Blueamble No Strings On Me (Ch) (A&J Lamberton/D&V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Puppet Master (BIS RUBIS AUST CH) (A J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Putyour Red Dress On (CH) (A & J Lamberton & D & V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Racy Red Knickers (RUBIS Aust CH) (Ann Lamberton & Beth Tillman)
NSW Blueamble Red Satin Sinner (K Baker ,B Tillman ,A&J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Simply Red (A & J Lamberton & D & V Collins)
NSW Blueamble Spoonfulasugar (CH) (John & Ann Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble Stelaluna (BISS,Multi BIS, MultiRUBISS & Multi RUBIS Supreme CH) (Ann &John Lamberton ,Veronica Royston)
NSW Blueamble Take The Stage RA CD (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Mr J & Mrs A Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble The Flower Child (A&J Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble The Glass Slipper (RUBISS AUST CH) (A Lamberton)
NSW Blueamble The Pied Piper RN (BIS Aust Ch) (Mrs A Lamberton & Ms B Potter)
NSW Blueamble True Loves Kiss (Multi BISS Multi RuBIS Supreme Champion) (A & J Lamberton & Dr Beth Tillman)
SA Blulight Honourable Mention (Olsen & Parker)
SA Blulight Midnight Skye (Mrs J Olsen)
SA Blulight Xaviers apprentice (Miss C Leigh)
WA Borderton Coloured Numbers (Borderton)
WA Borderton Desk Jockey (Aust Ch) (Borderton)
WA Borderton Fire on the Bayou (AI) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Flambeaux (Ch) (Borderton)
WA Borderton Law Enforcement (Aust Ch) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Man In Blue (MBIS Aust CH) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Moon Over Bourban St (Borderton)
WA Borderton Paper Planes (Borderton)
WA Borderton Promise In A Pocket (Ch) (Borderton)
WA Borderton Promise Me Fire (AI) (Borderton Kennels)
WA Borderton Strip Search (Aust Ch) (Borderton Kennels)
VIC Borderton Zenvo Ltd Edition (Ch) (Borderton Kennels/Nikola James)
NSW Brandyark The Lightning Thief (AI) (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
WA Brandyark The Pendragon (Elly and Jeremiah Berends)
NSW Brandyark Waitin OnA Sunny Day (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
QLD Brashelle Spare Me The Details (Aust Ch) (Dominic Finlay)
QLD Brishet Dancin Ona Dream (Ch) (Mrs S West)
QLD Brishet Sam I Am CCD. RN (Ms A Lally)
WA Bursirius Cant Wait To Be King (Jessica Burren)
WA Bursirius Hakuna Matata (Jessica Burren)
QLD Chamshep Beauty N Bling (Gail Reilly)
QLD Chamshep Billie B Brown (Aust Ch) (Kerry McNamara)
VIC Clearun Rock A Billy Rebel (Aust. Champion) (Leslie Mathieson)
QLD Comeby Lil Miss Sunshine HT (Ch, Neut. Ch.) (Mr T N & Mrs R G Ray)
VIC Comeby Money Talks CCD RE PT FS.S HTM.S (Neut Ch Aust Ch) (Schumann)
VIC Copperridges Under Surveillance (Imp USA) (Am Gr ASCA Ch Aus Sup Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
WA Copperwing Ben to the Rescue (Margaret Harding)
QLD Copperwing Jack (Kathryn Jacob)
NSW Crystaleye Hearts On Fire (Ch) (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Hocus Pocus (L & S Farish & Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Im Posh N I Like It (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Light My Fire RN (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Crystaleye Love Me Like You Do (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Cuebiyar AbstractExpressionism (B & A Helps)
NSW Cuebiyar CalforniaDreamn (iid) (B & A Helps)
NSW Cuebiyar ChantillyLace (Aust Ch) (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
NSW Cuebiyar DaughterOTheNineMoons (B & A Helps)
QLD Cuebiyar Earth Wind N Fire (MBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Cuebiyar & Keelambara Aussies)
NSW Cuebiyar For The Fallen (AI) (B & A Helps)
SA Cuebiyar Half Blood Prince (Ch) (Miss Tina Sunman & S J Baillie)
NSW Cuebiyar Jacobs Ladder (iid) (Aust Ch) (B & A Helps)
NSW Cuebiyar Mistress OfThe Ships (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
NSW Cuebiyar Name That Tune CD (Joshua Rattray)
SA Cuebiyar NoPlaceLikeHome CD RN ADX JD PT (Karen Davis)
NZ Cuebiyar Powder Monkey (BIS, BISS, NZ CH) (Diana Falconer)
NSW Cuebiyar The Hitchhikers Guide (RUBISS, Multi RUBIG, Aust Ch) (Karen Milinkovic)
NSW Cuebiyar There And Back Again (Rebecca Manning)
TAS Cuebiyar Vanilla Ice - HIC (Australian Champion) (Waikikamukau Australian Shepherds)
TAS Cuebiyar War Of The Roses - HSBs HSAs (RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Waikikamukau Australian Shepherds)
TAS Cuebiyar WindInThWillows - PT (Aust CH) (Waikikamukau Australian Shepherds)
NSW D'Azumoon A Love Affair (IMP PRT) (MULTI CH.SPA. JR CH.PRT. JR CH.PRT.CH.INT.CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW D'Azumoon Al-Azhar Mi Amor (IMP PRT) (MULTI CH.GBZ.CH. PRT. JR CH. INT.CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW D'Azumoon Casanova Giacomo (IMP PRT) (PRT.JR CH. PRT. CH.) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Dangerous Beauty Carcassonne Tolugo (imp CZE) (Aust Ch) (Helps & Halliwell)
NSW Delchoksky Ina Rusty Holdenute (D.Whyburn)
NSW Delchoksky Littleraven (CH) (D.Whyburn)
NSW Delchoksky My Santana (D. Whyburn & C Benge)
NSW Delchoksky The Electra (Delwyn Whyburn)
NSW Dykinta American Grafiti (IID) (BIS ,RUBIS RUBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Wendy Atkins & John & Ann Lamberton)
NSW Dykinta Bohemian Rhapsody (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Ann & John Lamberton)
NSW Dykinta Dr Martens (Rachel & Rowan McKeever)
NSW Dykinta Hot Liason (Cathy Nugent)
NSW Dykinta Hot Property ET (BISS, MBIS, MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (A Bennet)
NSW Dykinta I Gotta Feeling (Ch) (Ros Fraser)
VIC Dykinta Lanark Blue (D & K Adams)
QLD Dykinta My Way ET (Aust CH) (Gail Reilly)
NSW Dykinta Night Music (Grand Champion) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Dykinta Royal Blue Dolton (Aust Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
NSW Dykinta Sea Patrol (Ch) (Ros Fraser)
NSW Dykinta Sea Shepherd (Supreme Ch) (L Meagher)
NSW Dykinta Shadow Blue Bella (Aust Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
NSW Dykinta Take a Bow (Nicole Griffiths)
NSW Dykinta Take A Good Look (Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
NSW Dykinta Twist of Light (Ch) (Rachel & Rowan McKeever)
VIC Eliteview Dream Design (Mr Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Achieve RN JD HT (Ch) (Mr Ross Carlson & Mr Dale Saultry)
VIC Eliteview Dream To Succeed RN (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Dreams Come True RA (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Eliteview Startd Witha Whisper (Renee Carlson)
VIC Ellagant All Rhythm At Mysql (CH) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant All The Right Moves CCD RE (Ch) (Renee Carlson)
NSW Ellagant Cassiopeia (A. Richardson and C. Thompson)
VIC Ellagant Delta Blues HIC (BIS & RUBISS GR CH) (Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Designer Edition (MULTI BIS & BIG CH) (B Pilkington & A Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Enchanting Rhythm (MBIS BISS Sup. Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
QLD Ellagant Flirting With Danger (RUBIS Sup Ch) (Dominic Finlay & A Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Flirtn With The Boys CD HT RAE (Ch) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Full O Mischief RAE CDX ADM JDM SD SPD HT (Neuter Champion) (Amanda Murcutt)
VIC Ellagant Full of Antics RM CDX ADM JDM JDO SPD HT GD (Dual Ch (A)) (A. Murcutt)
VIC Ellagant Great Expectations CDX RM HT (Dual Ch (T)) (Ross Carlson)
VIC Ellagant Great Minds (S Hatfield)
NSW Ellagant Harmony N Blue (RUBIS, Multi BIG Ch) (Thomas Pearson & Ana Richardson)
VIC Ellagant Legally Blonde (RUBIS RUBISS Gr Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)
VIC Ellagant Life Oth Party PT (Ch) (Ellagant Kennels)

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