Alfoxton Hagar The Horrible

Standing at 56cm (22 inches) Hagar is of correct medium size and medium weight with a full tail.
Hip Score 2:2 Elbow Score 1:1

DNA Test Results:
CEA & CH : Clear
HC : Clear
Deg Myop : Clear
MDR1 : Affected

He was born under our dining room table shortly after the Black Saturday Fires that passed just by our home. His energy and strength of character has become a reminder of how lucky we are.

Hagar is a valuable addition to our breeding program - his dense black colour and NBT clear means that we can breed him to our merle Bobtail girls hence eliminate the risk of the lethal double NBT gene that can reduce the litter numbers thru embryo reabsorption.

Hagar continues to impress with the interaction with our litters of puppies, happily taking on the paternal role for all the puppies and helping to teach the babies how to play and explore around our garden and farm.

Hagar is incredibly athletic and we love watching him launch himself into the dam for his daily swim - certainly a dog who attracts attention from the public when he is out and about - either at a cafe, in the park or visiting at the hospital.

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Pedigree for Alfoxton Hagar The Horrible
Sire : Ch Ellagant Life OTh Party S: Sugargum Strike Force S: Ch Rhapsodys Arragantly Striking
D: Ch Sugargum Top Secret
D: Ch Bellamarnie All Reved Up S: Ch Sugargum Star Trekker
D: Ch Sugargun Topsy Turvy
Dam : Ngalla Tiponi S: Ch Mazasuka King O Pain S: Ch Sasin American Tonka
D: Ch Liberty Belle of Ironhorse
D: Ch Tillsun Unchain My Heart S: Ch Hatcreeks Hitch Naridetooz
D: Ch Sasin Yankees Flare