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Ngalla Hazelnut Latte
(Kerry Webb)

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NSW Maisilva Aolani Sonic Resonant RN (MBIS/ MRBIS NBIS/NBISS SUPREME Ch Neuter Ch) (D. Puttock)
NSW Maisilva Cosmic Boom (D Puttock/ D & L Meagher)
WA Maisilva Cosmic Storm (Paula Baker & Donna Puttock)
VIC Maisilva Funky Cole Medina (AI) HT (Sup Ch) (Lisa Willis)
NSW Maisilva Path Between Worlds (D Puttock)
QLD Maisilva Promise Of The Cosmos (Aust Ch) (D Puttock & G Braithwaite)
QLD Maisilva Rising Empire (MBIS/MRBIS/BISS/ AUST CH) (G Braithwaite/D Puttock)
QLD Maisilva Secret Empire (Sally Puglisi)
QLD Maisilva Solar Flare (AI) (Aust. Ch) (G. Braithwaite/D. Puttock)
TAS Maisilva Solar Tempest (K Webb & D Puttock)
VIC Marashar Dancing Waters ADM JDM SD HT (Ch) (Nikki Janetzki)
TAS Mazasuka Dream Catcher HIT (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
TAS Mazasuka Dream Weaver HSAs (Ch) (Kerry Webb)
TAS Mazasuka Hard Days Night HT (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
TAS Mazasuka King O Pain HSAs HSBs (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
TAS Mazasuka Mstr Craftsman HSAs HSBs (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb & Kate Dourley)
SA Mazasuka River God HSAs (Aust Grand Ch) (Pauline Kent)
NSW McMatt's Lovely Lily (imp USA) (Am, ASCA & Aust Ch) (B & A Helps)
NSW Melvada After All This Time (Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Melvada Eclipse ofthe BlackSun (Rachel McKeever & Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Melvada Siriusly Magic (Melissa Kozaruk)
NSW Melvada The Law of Surprise (Tabitha Levien & Melissa Kozaruk)
VIC Moonstruck's Star Slayer (Imp USA) (Multi BIS BISS Aust Grand & Am & ASCA Ch. ASCV Hall of Fame) (Leslie Mathieson)
NSW Myriahill Heart O Iron (Aust Ch) (P West)
WA Mysql All For The Legend (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Leanne Irvine)
VIC Mysql As Shes Walking Away (Ellagant Kennels)
WA Mysql Blazing Hot (Mrs K Sprigg)
NSW Mysql Cosmopolitan (Sabine Bischkopf)
WA Mysql Drop It Like Its Hot (Mrs D Sprigg)
VIC Mysql Genuine Risk (iid USA) (RUBISS Gr Ch) (M da Silva/L Willis)
NSW Mysql Legacy In Blue (Ch) (Sabine Bischkopf)
NSW Mysql Over When Its Over (K.Sprigg / S. Bischkopf)
VIC Mysql Stike A Pose (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (A Petersen, J Karras & J Purcell)
QLD Mysql Strike It Rich (AI) (Multi BIS Multi RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (D Finlay & A Richardson)
VIC Mysql Vice Versa At Ellagant (Ellagant Kennels)
SA Mysql Winning Colours (IID USA) (Aust Ch) (Miss B Parker)
VIC Mysql Yours Mine N Ours (AI) (Aust Ch) (Miss B Trotter & K Sprigg)
QLD Newblood Red Hot (Aust CH) (Gail Reilly)
NSW Ngalla Doc Holliday (Cathy Nugent & Kerry Webb)
TAS Ngalla Dock Of The Bay (Aust Gr Ch) (L Dare)
TAS Ngalla Dont Stop Believing (Kerry Webb)
TAS Ngalla Free On The Wind HT (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb & Syd Munton)
TAS Ngalla Grand Cherokee HSAs (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
VIC Ngalla Hazelnut Latte (Kerry Webb)
TAS Ngalla Last TangoInParis HIC (Aust Ch.) (Kerry Webb)
TAS Ngalla Marble Mocha (Kerry Webb)
TAS Ngalla Olympia PT (Kerry Webb)
VIC Ngalla Protectionist (Kerry Webb)
VIC Ngalla Red Hot Summer (Kerry Webb)
VIC Ngalla Red Sky At Night (Kerry Webb)
VIC Ngalla Till Sumer Comesaround (K Webb)
VIC Ngalla Too Darn Hot (K Webb)
VIC Ngalla We Will Rock You PT (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
NSW Nik-Nak's Free For All N' Oz (imp USA) (B & A Helps)
NSW Nuthinbutt A Candy Crush (AI) (Australian Champion) (Lisa Hagelstein/ Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt A Royal Flush (Lisa Hagelstein)
NSW Nuthinbutt Certified Classy (Nicole Griffiths)
NSW Nuthinbutt Cowboy Blues (CCD, CD, RN) (Obedience) (Monica Smith)
NSW Nuthinbutt Crystal Visions (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Denim and Lace (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt He Really Satisfies (AI) (Australian Champion) (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Impressive (Australian Champion) (Nicole Griffiths)
NSW Nuthinbutt Miss American Pie (Aust Ch and Agility Ch) (Lisa Hagelstein/ Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Moments Like These (AI) (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Naughty By Nature (Australian Champion) (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Obvious Class (Australian Champion) (Nicole Solomons)
NSW Nuthinbutt Reality Bites (Australian Champion) (Nuthinbutt Aussies)
QLD Oakblu Changing O T Guard (Aust Ch) (Oakblu Aussies)
QLD Oakblu Toffee Apple (Aust Ch) (Oakblu Aussies)
WA Ochaye By Design (Aust Ch) (Sasha Corker, Josh Stankovic, Tim Thomas, Belinda West)
WA Ochaye I Am Prime (Sup Ch) (Josh Stankovic, Sasha Corker, Tim Thomas, Belinda West)
WA Ochaye Light The Way (Tim Thomas & Belinda West)
WA Ochaye Rock My World (Aust Ch) (Tim Thomas, Belinda West, Sasha Corker & Josh Stankovic)
QLD Ochaye Scandalous (Aust Ch & Aust Neuter Ch) (Tim Thomas & Belinda West)
QLD Ochaye Snuffing Else Matters (Aust Ch) (Tim Thomas and Belinda West)
WA Ochaye Tennessee Whiskey (Aust Ch) (Tim Thomas & Belinda West)
QLD Ochaye When Magic Happens (Ch) (Miss S Page)
NSW Painted Magic Black Dragon (imp Denmark) HSAs (B & A Helps)
SA Parkeyre All That Glitters (AI) (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre Crowd Favourite (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre Cue The Lights (Miss B Parker & Mrs E Ward)
SA Parkeyre Double Denim (Mrs E Ward)
SA Parkeyre Firstclass At Blulite (Courtney Leigh)
SA Parkeyre Reign Of The King (Miss B Parker & Mrs E Ward)
SA Parkeyre Sound The Alarm (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre Standing Ovation (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre The Iron Throne (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre Winter Is Coming (Miss B Parker)
SA Parkeyre XOXO (Miss B Parker)
WA Poruse Talk Of The Town (CH) (D Sprigg)
QLD Rawuch Cruise Control (Multi BIS Supreme Ch) (Sally Puglisi - Oakblu Aussies)
VIC Regal Reign Hightide Hit The Jackpot HT (Imp USA) (Sup Ch & Am Ch) (A Petersen, J Karras & B Moore)
WA Ripkurle Exactly Right (Margaret Harding)
VIC Roadsend Coral Pink (Roadsend Kennels)
WA Roadsend Doctor Who (Samantha Goh-Edwards)
VIC Roadsend KD Keep It Nice (Australian Champion) (Roadsend Kennels)
VIC Roadsend MD Chillipepper (Roadsend)
WA Rousillon Artemisia on Baroque (Lee Atkins)
WA Rousillon Rain LeaveYourMarc (Lee Atkins and Darren Corr)
WA Rousillon Sancere On Sance (N Jaeger, A Craft, L Atkins, D Corr)
VIC Rozate Brewed By Moonlite RN HSAs ET (AusFX Knls)
VIC Rozate Calamity Jane CD RE HSAs JDX GD (Gr CH (TS), Dual CH. (Neut)(T)) (Miss T A Edgell)
VIC Rozate California Hway Patrol (Aust Ch) (Sharna McDermott)
VIC Rozate Enigma ET (Aust Ch) (AusFX Knls)
NSW Rozate Fame N Fortune (Ch) (Alexandra Voglsam)
VIC Rozate Fleet Street (Aust Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
ACT Rozate Here Come Da Fuzz (Aus CH) (Rozate Kennels / Red Ivory Kennels)
VIC Rozate Jackhammer HXAc HXBsd ET TSDX (VHCH, GR H CH, TRI CH (T) (H)) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate Jamaican Blue RN PT (Dual Ch (T) TS Grand Ch.) (Miss T Edgell)
VIC Rozate One Shot At Fame RN HSAs ET (Aust & (T) Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate Return Of The Jedi RA. HSAs HNAs HSMAs (Aust Ch) (Miss L Cini & Mrs K Dourley)
SA Rozate Shameless Hussy PT (Ch) (Pauline Kent)
WA Rozate Show N Tell CD ADX JDM ET (Ch. Neuter Ch) (J Mitchell (Yasdnil Aussies))
SA Rozate Singing the Blues (Aust Ch) (Pauline Kent)
VIC Rozate Sledgehammer HSAs ADX JDX SPD SD CCD RN ET (BISS Neuter Ch) (AusFX Knls)
VIC Rozate Slide Guitar Legend TSD HT (T.Ch) (Tracey Edgell (Hailshine Kennels))
VIC Rozate Smokin Hot Kiss HSAs (Aust Ch) (Rozate Kennels)
VIC Rozate So What HSAs CCD RA (Ch) (Jan Anderson)
VIC Rozate The Serpents Lair (Aust Grand Champion) (Mrs K Canavan & Mrs K Dourley)
VIC Rozate The Smoking Gun (Rozate Kennels)
NSW Rozate What Do You Wish For RN (Melissa Kozaruk)
TAS Sanpasho Elanor Dream (Champion) (Mrs W J and Mr T Richardson)
TAS Sanpasho Gunz N Rozes (Mrs A & Miss J Waddington)
TAS Sanpasho Lakota Miracle (Australian Champion) (Wendy & Troy Richardson)
WA Sanpasho Magic Meteor JC JDX TK.N (Dual Neut Ch. (RO)) (S Robson)
WA Sanpasho Mistletoe Kiss JDX ADX (AUST CH) (Jessica Burren)
TAS Sanpasho Rip Curl (Wendy & Troy Richardson)
TAS Sanpasho Rusty Shimmer (Wendy Richardson)
WA Sarbinma Blue Taaliny (Jessica Burren)
NSW Sarbinma Chokerrerouge CD RN (Ch Neuter Ch) (D. Whyburn)
NSW Sarbinma Draco The Wize (CH) (Margaret Grahame)
WA Sarbinma Friendly Kora (Lee - Rousillon Australian Shepherds)
NSW Sarbinma Lucky Madoc Ccd Rn (CH) (G.m.grahame)
SA Sarbinma Master Xavier (CH) (Courtney Pilven)
NSW Sarbinma Our Bobby Boy (Margaret Grahame)
SA Sarbinma Smokin Jack (CH) (Courtney Pilven)
WA Sarbinma Standup Tyra (Lee - Rousillon Australian Shepherds)
NSW Sarbinma Star of Indy (Margaret Grahame)
VIC Sarsica Fire N Ice (Miss V Pettigrove & Miss S Pendlebury)
VIC Sarsica Ice Warrior (Miss V A Pettigrove & Miss S Pendlebury)
QLD Senturian Brooklyn Breeze (Gail Reilly)
QLD Senturian Cant Fight Moonlite (Marie Bounds)
SA Senturian Hershey RA. (V Spangler)
SA Senturian Memphis (V Spangler)
NSW Seventy Seven Cherished Desire (IMP PRT) (Supreme Ch/GBZ Ch/Prt Jr Ch) (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Seventy Seven Outlander From The World Of Light Imp Russia (D & L Meagher)
VIC Shadomoons Take On The World (Imp USA) (Aust Ch & Am Gr Ch) (Sarah Pendlebury)
VIC Sharam Drifting to Ngalla (K Webb)
NSW Sharam First Impressions (BIS, MBIG & RUBIG Australian Champion) (Cathy Nugent & Sarah Male)
QLD Sharam Kachina Doll (Miss T. A. McDougall)

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