Ch Swashbuckle Helen Mirren

The stunning 'Helen' is our glorious young Black Schnauzer from the very first litter of Black puppies with our Swashbuckle prefix. Deep black coat, great top-line, beautiful movement - Helen is a striking example of the Black Schnauzer.

Swashbuckle Helen always turns heads and attracts admiration. Helen s feisty, confident and high-spirited, with her wonderful temperament matching her outstanding conformation.

Helen was the 2019 Schnauzer Rising Star.

Her hobbies include being glamorous, going to beauty salons, and jumping into any body of water larger than a thimble. In her spare time Helen swaps beauty tips with other social influencers.

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Pedigree for Ch Swashbuckle Helen Mirren
Sire : Klabauter Kokomo S: Envy Grand Calvera (CZE) S: Unesco Black Grand Calvera (CZE)
D: Rhapsodie De Nador Cleville (CZE)
D: Klabauter Hullabaloo S: Born to Oz Grand Calvera (CZE)
D: Klabauter Cookie Monster
Dam : Otis Boanergos Esenia (UKR) S: King of Otis Boanergos Grand Calvera (UKR) S: Velvet Dandy's Wilbur Turnblad (SWE)
D: Black Betty Grand Calvera (CZE)
D: Leah Otis Grand Calvera (UKR) S: Mohner's Dark Daredevil (DEN)
D: Gentry Black Grand Calvera (CZE)

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