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Gr Ch Sharrkait Gretchen
(Janet Goodwin)

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QLD Amorden Beijing Olympia (Aust Ch) (Morna Wright)
QLD Amorden Cactus Candy (Aust Ch) (Morna Wright)
QLD Amorden Careless Love (Morna Wright)
NSW Asyut Any Tick Oth Clock (Ch) (Susanne Ansell)
VIC Ave Concorde Patricia at Khinjan (IMP RU via UK) (CH) (Shelley Hancox)
QLD Born to Oz Grand Calvera (Imp CZ) (Ch) (J Bischof)
VIC Carribean Star Of Khinjan (imp UK) (Multi BISS CH) (S Hancox)
VIC Doenitz Baronov (Ch) (Jacquie & Andrew Dale)
VIC Doenitz Finale (Ch) (Shelley hancox)
VIC Doenitz Glitterati (Aust CH) (S Hancox)
VIC Doenitz HK Seddon (CH) (S hancox)
VIC Doenitz I Tonya (Shelley Hancox)
NSW Doenitz Ice Ice Baby (CH) (M Lees & M Lyons)
QLD Doenitz Perestroika (Mrs V A Bilney)
QLD Doenitz Polly Waffle (Ch) (Mrs V A Bilney)
NSW Doenitz Right Hand Man (CH) (Lees & Lyons)
QLD Doenitz Storm Chaser (Ch) (Mrs J & Mr A Dale)
NSW Doenitz Storm Trouper (CH) (G Knight & S Gani)
NSW Doenitz The Iron Lady (IID UK) (CH) (Mariette Lees & Mark Lyons)
VIC Doenitz Tully (CH) (L & D Becker)
NSW Doenitz Valentina (CH) (M Lees & M Lyons)
VIC Doenitz Yekaterina (Aust Ch) (Jacquie & Andrew Dale)
QLD Farica Jackeroo (Ms K Miles)
NSW Grossbotwar Briolette (A Ch) (Mariette Lees and Mark Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Dusty Diamentina (Aust Ch.) (M Lees & M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Jumpin Jack Flash (CH) (M Lees & M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar King of the Road (Aust CH) (M Lees & M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Luck of the Irish (CH) (M Lees & M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Man of La Mancha (Aust CH) (B & F Lang, Lees & Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Night Watchman (CH) (M Lees and M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Nothin like A Dame (CH) (Mr M Lyons & Ms M Lees)
NSW Grossbotwar Pistols at Dawn (M Lees and M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Quantum Leap (Aust Ch) (M Lees and M Lyons)
NSW Grossbotwar Rebel with a Cause (M Lees & M Lyons)
QLD Joandar Miss Molly (Ms K Miles)
SA Jokimbi Oh So Special (Imp UK) (Aust Ch and Aust Neut Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd & Ruth Beadman)
SA Kahurangi Rebel Warrior (Champion) (John & Margaret Payne)
SA Kahurangi Diamond Hunter (Aust Ch) (J V & M Payne)
SA Kahurangi Heavenly Body (J V & M Payne)
SA Kahurangi Suzi Q Rocks On (J V & M Payne)
SA Kahurangi The Memories Are Myn (Aust Ch) (Marion and Andrew Kidd)
VIC Khinjan Klara (imp UK) (Ch) (Ms S Hancox)
VIC Khinjan Paquita (imp UK) (CH) (Shelley Hancox)
NSW Klabauter Cracker Black (Klabauter Standard Schnauzers)
NSW Klabauter Dazzle in Black (AI) (Klabauter Standard Schnauzers)
NZ Klabauter Howzat At Trustin (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Rowena Stanton)
QLD Klabauter Orbit around Oz (Ch) (Julia Roso)
NSW Klabauter Quickstep in Black (AI) (Mrs J Roso)
NSW Klabauter Smart in Black (AI) (Julia Roso)
WA Miccosukees Better Show 'Em (imp UK) (CH) (Shelley Hancox)
VIC Miccosukees Why me (imp UK) (CH) (Shelley Hancox)
NSW Montkhan Classic Calypso (Grand Champion) (Ms Kaaren Burge)
SA Montkhan Song and Dance Man (Aust Ch) (SP & SK Foote)
NSW Ovashun Tequila Sunrise (Aust Ch) (M Outten & K Martin)
QLD Pekarra Emerald Princess (Ms K Miles)
NSW Pekarra Grand Coopernook (Mrs T MILES)
SA Portora Fire Fox (Aust Ch) (Andrew and Marion Kidd)
VIC Raksha Agent Aron (L. Tipple)
VIC Raksha Alice in Wonderland (Aust Ch) (Lorraine Tipple)
VIC Raksha Xavier of the Glen (Aust Neut Ch) (Mr. A & Mrs. M Bridge)
QLD Regenstauf Broadcast News (Imp NZ) (MBIS NZ Ch & Aust Ch) (Regenstauf Kennels)
QLD Regenstauf Courage Under Fire (BISS, RBISS, MBIG AUST CH & NZ CH) (Regenstauf Kennels)
QLD Regenstauf Gangnam Style (Regenstauf Kennels)
NZ Regenstauf Home And Away (NZ Ch) (K & T Ninnes & J&K Burton)
NSW Regenstauf Lord of the Rings (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Mariette Lees and Mark Lyons)
QLD Regenstauf Magic And Mayhem (Regenstauf Kennels)
NSW Regenstauf Master of Mayhem (Aust Ch) (Susanne Ansell)
QLD Regenstauf Naughty But Nice (Imp Nz) (Regenstauf Kennels)
QLD Regenstauf Start The Party (Aust.Gr.Ch) (Iris Cox)
QLD Regenstauf The Showman (Iris Cox)
SA Remporter Amstar OutfoxU (Imp Aust) (New Zealand Ch, American Ch & Canadian Ch) (Sheila & George Behrend)
SA Remporter History Repeats (Aust Grand Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Revel In Glory (Aust Grand Ch) (Jennifer Lee - Hollobone)
SA Remporter Star Cruiser (Aust Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Starsn Hereyes (Aust Ch & NZ Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Sweet Revenge (Aust Ch) (Ruth Beadman & Andrew & Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Tell No Tailz (Aust Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Wild Child (Grand Ch) (Margaret and Colin Reedman)
SA Remporter Wild Fire Memories (Aust Ch) (Mr j & Mrs M Payne)
SA Remporter Wild Thing (Aust Champion) (Andrew and Marion Kidd)
SA Remporter Wildest Dreams (Aust Ch) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
QLD Sharluka A Tall Story (A & J Dale)
QLD Sharluka Against All Odds (Mrs J & Mr A Dale)
QLD Sharluka Calipso Star (Aust Ch) (Mrs J & Mr A Dale)
VIC Sharluka Tall Poppy (Aust Ch) (Mrs J & Mr A Dale)
VIC Sharluka Yoko O No (Mrs J & Mr A Dale)
NSW Sharrkait Crystal Gazer (Aust Ch) (Mariette Lees & Mark Lyons)
NSW Sharrkait Gretchen (Gr Ch) (Janet Goodwin)
NSW Simbu Krug Kaiser (Tracie Miles)
NZ Stallfurt Courtesan (imp Uk). Dec'd 07/2014 (NZ CH) (Regenstauf Kennels)
NZ Stowlonga Heir Apparent (Dec'd 01/2012) (NZ CH) (Regenstauf Kennels)
NSW Swashbuckle Audrey Hepburn (Ch) (Mr G Knight & Mr S Gani)
NSW Swashbuckle Burt Bacharach (Ch) (Mr G Knight & Mr S Gani)
NSW Swashbuckle Helen Mirren (Ch) (Mr S Gani)
NSW Swashbuckle Joanna Lumley (Glen Knight & Santoso Gani)
NSW Swashbuckle Kertanegara (G Knight & S Gani)
SA Treuliebe Beautiful Obsession (CH) (SP & SK Foote)
NSW Treuliebe Mr Bo Jangles (Gr Ch) (Mr S Foote & Ms K Burge & Mrs S Foote)
SA Treuliebe Ride The Wild Wind (Mrs SK Foote)
SA Treuliebe Takit T Thlmit (BISS Aust Grand & Grand Neuter Ch) (J Chapman)
SA Treuliebe Time for Magic (CH) (SP & SK Foote)
SA Treuliebe Uschi (Ch) (Sandy & Steve Foote)
SA Treuliebe Wild Is The Wind At Remporter (Aust Ch) (Andrew and Marion Kidd)
SA Wattson's Amstar Denzel (Imp Canada) (Canadian Ch, American Ch, New Zealand Ch & SUPREME Ch) (Andrew and Marion Kidd)
SA Wattsons Remporter Ruby Rox (Imp Can) (Australian Neuter and Australian Champion, Canadian Champion & American Champion) (Andrew & Marion Kidd)
NSW Witmor Xena (Ch) (Mr G Knight & Mr Santoso Gani)
NSW Wittmor Tegan Thundercloud (Ch) (G Knight & S Gani)

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