Ch Swashbuckle Kertanegara

Introducing Kertanegara - Kerta - our stunning young Black Standard Schnauzer.
Rocketing up the Dogzonline 'Rising Star' points score, Kerta moves beautifully, stands handsomely and is just a joy to meet.
Great, deep black coat, and friendly, affectionate, confident and outgoing, Kerta makes a strong impression everywhere he goes.

Kerta wishes his human friends all the best wishes as they battle Covid-19 outbreaks.
Kerta says to stay home if necessary, look after your metal health, and he looks forward to seeing you all in the future.
For the time being Kerta is taking some time off from the showring to mentor his nephew, Nero, and they both look forward to emerging as a formidable duo when shows return.

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Glen Knight & Santoso Gani (Member Details)
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Pedigree for Ch Swashbuckle Kertanegara
Sire : Ch Swashbuckle Burt Bacharach S: Ch. Quanat Black Diesel S: Ch. Jildabra Oscar Wyld
D: Ch. Pawsch Ebonee Ice
D: Ch. Swashbuckle Audrey Hepburn S: Ch. Klabauter Balthasar
D: Ch Wittmor Tegan Thundercloud
Dam : Otis Boanergos Esenia (imp UKR) S: ICH CH King of Otis Boanergos Grand Calvera S: Velvet Dandy's Wilbur Turnblad
D: Black Betty Grand Calvera
D: Leah Otis Boanergos Grand Calvera S: Mohner's Dark Dare Devil
D: Gentry Black Grand Calvera

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