VA Wulkano-Uno von Schnitzerteam BH, IPO2, KKL Lifetime

Uno arrived in Australia in October 2020. He was VA1 rated in Romania at under 3 years of age in 2018 and SG1 Slovenien Sieger in 2017. In addition to his show titles Uno has achieved IPO2 and Lifetime Korung. He is 63.5cm tall with the following (Google Translate) breed survey comment:

"Medium-sized, strong bones, full of substance, correct overall structure, very good expression. Very good head, high withers, straight, firm back, normal length and position of the croup, correct angulation of the fore and hind legs, good fore-chest, long, extensive underbust, correct front. Straight sequence of steps, flat corridors made of solid back. Safe being, TSB pronounced.
VI. Solid, very well pigmented, correctly built male without exaggeration."

Uno's father Ulkan von Maikhus needs no introduction. Uno's mother Ixy van Contra now forms the foundation of von Neu Garmond Kennel having produced:
- VA1 Hun, VA3 Slo Happy von Schnitzerteam
- VA Hun Hero von Schnitzerteam
- Italian Vice Sieger 2018 Zenit von Schnitzerteam
- Ixy is grandmother to Sg1 Heidi von Schnitzerteam & Sg1 Mr. Maverick von neu Garmond amongst many other promising youngsters

Uno's stud fee is $2,500 and he is currently located in Perth, WA with fresh, chilled and frozen semen soon to be made available nation wide. Please contact Bronson Pereira on 0437119858 or Jordan Petreski on 0410682654 for stud enquiries.

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Pedigree for VA Wulkano-Uno von Schnitzerteam BH, IPO2, KKL Lifetime
Sire : Ulkan von Maikhus IPO2 S: V Landos vom Quartier Latin SchH2 S: VA9 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei (2006) SCHH3, IPO2
D: VA7 Ussi von Pallas Athene SCHH2
D: SG Nera di Casa Nobili IPO1 S: V Geck Di Casa Nobili SCHH3
D: V Ornella vom Haus Christa SCHH1
Dam : Ixy van Contra IPO1 S: Warell van Contra SCHH1 S: 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3
D: VA1(A, H) Noblesse van Contra IPO1
D: SG1, VICESIGERIN (A) Hawanna van Contra IPO1 S: V, SG1 Doyan van Contra SCHH1
D: Riva Royal-Rapid

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