AUST CH. Brashawin Empire Strikes Back 'A' 'Z'

Vader began his show career in November 2020 as a bit of fun to social and mingle.
He is currently in training as an Assistance dog, loves to play scent games and hang out and chill with his owner Jes.

From the very beginning we knew that Vader was in the right home and hands with Jes, and she has gone above and beyond any of our expectations in raising this fine young male.

Its not often you see a black German Shepherd in the show ring and with less than half a dozen shows under his belt has already won his first Minor Puppy in Group.

Vader will be available to stud if and when he has passed all appropriate health testing and comes of age, for now he is having the time of his life being a puppy.

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Sire : Ch. Chakoonya Spyro S: Kytana Arko S: Raennik Aiko
D: Haussarek Dellta
D: Trangold Bree S: Exyzed Man On Fire
D: Beliquine Tess CCD. TD.
Dam : Vontatra Ada S: Vonammerberg Eiko S: Schutzshep Jinx
D: Schutzshep Olivia
D: Rexuss Amber S: Nordenstamm Gunnar
D: Vonzane Akirra

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