Ch. Kaeva King of Hearts (imp NZL)

Champion Kaeva King of Hearts (Imp NZL)

Franklin (aka Turtle) has come to join Kirah, Rupert and Vixen from across the ditch and I'm honoured that his breeder Deb Sheddan of Kaeva Norwich Terriers has entrusted me with this special little man.

He has an absolutely brilliant terrier temperament and attitude and I'm loving every day of our forever-developing relationship. Franklin is extremely smart and quick to learn, having mastered borking on command, shaking paws, waving both paws and ringing a bell by 6 months of age and I can't wait to start competing in Trick Dog once he's old enough!

True to his name, Franklin is winning the hearts of everyone he meets -- his friendly, outgoing, confident and pompous nature makes this cute boy too hard to resist! We're always stopped when out in public by people admiring this charming boy and I just love sharing him with the world.

He's wonderful with children and also enjoys a good snuggle with those a little quieter and less active and he truly is the perfect dog to be out representing the special breed that is the Norwich Terrier.

Photos by Alicia Fragiadakis

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