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NZ CH Norwester Time To Tango
(Linda C Strongman & Kirstin Dixon)

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NSW Casmara-JR Diamond Cut (Aust Ch) (C Moore & R Mallinder)
NSW Casmara/JR Absolute Delight (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Blue Diamond (Aust Champion) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Kingston Gold (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR My Imagination (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Vivid Imagination (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Yindileigh Kiwi (Fran Kinnear)
VIC Chesney Black Charlie Bee (Aust Champion) (Donna Treadwell)
VIC Chesney Black Feather Bonnet (Patricia Bunter)
VIC Chesney Black Moon Light Dream (CH) (GM Winch & CJ Reid)
VIC Chesney Black moonlight Dream (Patricia Bunter)
VIC Chesney bumble bee (Ch) (P Bunter)
SA ChesneyPerfectlyFrozen In Tym (AI) (Aust Ch) (J.L.& A.H. Griffin)
NSW Cornerbrook Paddington Bear (AI) (Aust Ch) (D & N Curran)
NSW Cornerbrook Ready Teddy Go (AI) (Aust.Ch./N.Z. Ch.) (A Fraser & C Moore)
NSW Dassin Belle Star (V Flaherty)
NSW Dassin Reddy to Dance (C Moore & R Mallinder)
NSW Dassin Reddy To Rock (Aust Ch) (C Moore & R Mallinder)
NZ Kaeva Calls The Tune (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Dancing With The Devil (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Pay the Piper (BISS CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Ready for Diamonds (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Ready Set Go (Debra Sheddan)
NSW Kaeva Right Said Fred (Imp. NZ) (Aust SUP CH) (Dr Carla Day)
NZ Kaeva Shades of a Devil (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Storm Witch (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Summer Blush (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Summer Storm (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NT Kaeva Super Minx At Hayward (imp NZ) (Aust Champion) (Chloe Fidler)
NZ Kaeva Taken By Storm (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NSW Kaeva Wild Imagination (imp NZL) (Aust Ch) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Karrell Diamond Solitaire (Aust Ch) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Kereen Black Magic AtKiva (CH) (K Smith & Dr C Day)
NSW Kereen Double Trouble (CH) (Dr C Day)
VIC Kereen Kind Regard (Aust ch) (Patsy Abrahams)
VIC Kereen kind regards (Patsy abrahams)
NSW Kivamynk Beautiful Bridget (CH) (K Smith & Dr Carla Day)
NSW Kivamynk Jacksons Lad (CH) (Dr Carla Day)
NSW Kivamynk Kathryns Kobby Lad (BIS) (Supreme Champion) (K Smith & Dr C Day)
NSW Kivamynk Sunstorm (CH) (K Smith & Dr C Day)
NZ Norwester A Fine Time Lucille (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Fire And Fury (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All For One (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Fun And Games (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Heart (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Hot N Bothered (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Hot To Trot (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All I Want For Xmas (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All In The Same Boat (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All Night Long (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Audacious (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Beam Me Up (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Broadsword (NZ Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Burn Time (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Courageous (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester For Crying Out Loud (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Free For All (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Golden Bay Babe (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Golden Endeavour (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Havin A Swell Time (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Heart of Oak (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Hellzapoppin (Jill Watson)
QLD Norwester Made Ya Look (Imp NZ) (AUST CH) (T Boughen)
NZ Norwester Time and Trouble (Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Time To Tango (NZ CH) (Linda C Strongman & Kirstin Dixon)
QLD Ragus Cob Nut (Aust & UK Ch) (Ann C Fraser)
VIC Ragus Cool for Cats (imp uk) (UK Champion) (Kereen Kennels)
VIC Rhythm And Blues At Zippor (imp UK) (CH) (Chalan Kennels)
NZ Rouletta Havin a Good Thyme (Imp UK) (NZ Ch) (Jill Watson)
NZ Sheltrice All That Jazz (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jill Watson)
VIC Terrarius Beached As (IMP NZ) (AUST CH) (B & C Slavin)
QLD Weelochleven Brandy (Aust Ch) (T.Boughen)
QLD Weelochleven Captain Morgan (Aust Ch) (T.Boughen)
QLD Weelochleven Caught Ya Lookin (Aust Ch) (T.Boughen)
NSW Wynterra First Edition RN. TK.N. ME. (Ch. Neut. Ch.) (Amy)

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